Update of ProMods 1.91 Available!

ProMods 1.91

We updated our map with version 1.91 to fix several bugs and issues like inactive tollgates, vanishing AI and invisible walls. The crash at the truck dealer in Valga and the Liechtenstein license plates have been fixed, just as many minor fixes all over the map.

In addition, we added new effects to streetlights: They now are amber coloured instead of white.

You can download the updated version from our download site. And don’t forget to generate a new DEF file, since we made some changes there too!

Download Version 1.91

2 Responses to Update of ProMods 1.91 Available!

  1. Hey, when i dont have the Scandinavian DLC, and i want to download Promods 1.91, but when i press download Promods 1.91, it still starts to download 1.95, could you please help me?
    Thank you

    With Respect

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