ProMods 2.30 has been Released!

Our lustrum edition is now finally available to the public. ProMods 2.30 will offer players many new cities and roads for ETS2 version 1.31. But from this version on, you must own the Going East! DLC, the Scandinavian DLC, the Vive La France! DLC as well as the Italia DLC in order for ProMods to work.

After nearly 5 years we have managed to also reach the south; Greece. And while expanding your map in all directions, we also fixed many bugs and tweaked some stuff from version 2.27. So here’s a quick overview about the changes in our current version:

  • Bulgaria: Монтана (Montana), Плевен (Pleven), Видин (Vidin)
  • Croatia: Senj, Šibenik, Split, Zadar
  • Cyprus: Λάρνακα (Larnaca), Λεμεσός (Limmasol), Λευκωσία (Nicosia), Πάφος (Paphos)
  • Denmark: Rebuilt: Padborg
  • France: Rebuilt: Lyon
  • Greece: Ηγουμενίτσα (Igoumenitsa, port), Ιωάννινα (Ioannina), Πτολεμαΐδα (Ptolemaida), Θεσσαλονίκη (Thessaloniki)
  • Italy: A4 Torino-Milano, A8-A9, Como (border). Rebuilt: Milano
  • Lithuania: Šiauliai, Ukmergė
  • Macedonia: Битола (Bitola), Скопје (Skopje), Охрид (Ohrid)
  • Netherlands: Moerdijk. Rebuilt: Rotterdam
  • Norway: Grumantbyen, Hammerfest. Improved: Longyearbyen
  • Poland: Ełk. Rebuilt: Suwałki
  • Serbia: Београд (Beograd), Крагујевац (Kragujevac), Ниш (Niš)
  • Spain: Jaca, Pamplona, Soria, Teruel, Valencia, Vinaròs, Zaragoza
  • Sweden: Kalix, Skellefteå, Ystad
  • Switzerland: Rebuilt: Bern
  • UK (England): Rebuilt: Croydon, London & M25
  • UK (Wales): Aberystwyth, Porthmadog

Our love for details also includes the guys who serve and protect you – the police. Of course we had to add proper police cars for Cyprus, Greece and Macedonia.

Since we increase the support of the Special Transport DLC, we added an option on our DEF generator page. If you want to transport that kind of load with ProMods, you need to activate that option.

So get your truck out of the workshop and have a blast with our new version!

Download ProMods 2.30


We have decided to release version 2.30 for ETS 2 build 1.31 as that is the current and official version. ProMods 2.30 has been in development for quite a while now and we did not want to withhold release any longer. It may take up to a month for SCS to release build 1.32, which will render this version INCOMPATIBLE.

It is your personal decision whether you want to access the new 2.30 content now, or if you wish to spare your $1 and wait until the next ProMods update will be released, which will support 1.32. This is likely to be at least six weeks away, if not longer.

You can always roll back your game version in the Steam Library properties selecting “temporary_1_31 – 1.31.x for incompatible mods” – when 1.32 is out.

24 Responses to ProMods 2.30 has been Released!

  1. Sven van Dartel says:

    i cannot find 1.31 for 1.31 mods only 1.31 for 1.30.2mods

  2. Jasper says:

    Thanks for your hard work for the release of this new update and of course Happy Birthday Promods’s team!

  3. Elias says:

    When does promods come out too 1:32

  4. shukhrat says:

    Когда будет выпущена версия promods для 1.32?

  5. paul says:

    werde ihr von promods auch mal die türkei rein machen?

    • Stummer Stummer says:

      Wir haben vor, mal ganz Europa abzudecken. Bevor wir aber bis zur Türkei kommen, müssen wir um Südosten Europas noch ein paar Lücken füllen.

  6. Sergio says:

    It should be a giant logo in the front page

    “We’re working on an update. It’s ready when it’s ready.”
    jajaja i see lot of people asking the same XD

  7. Peppe says:

    Sono iscritto da pochissimo , ho scaricato la versione 2.30 per la 1.31, in poche parole: spettacolare, curata, amore per i dettagli.Bravissimi , continuate così ragazzi.Ets2 è ancora più bello e ricco di contenuti!

  8. Arianitzh says:

    Wir es eine Erweiterung bei der map geben
    Z.b kosovo ,montenegro,albanien

  9. Freerk says:

    I get alot of graphical glitches not sure if its my videocard that is acting up the game or your map, here is one pic for example

  10. chetan says:


    I tried setting to 1.31 in steam, thing is after going to mod manager, it still says mod is incompatible. any idea how to load it back?

  11. Alex says:

    Hello card promods 1.31 for as for which version of the game it is made I currently have a Euro Truck Simulator version game I downloaded a map for it does not support this version

  12. Mudge says:

    I know you folks are working hard all the time on the map and fixes and things .. but just looking at a reply comment from October 16th ..
    Is that reply saying Promods now works on the 1.32 public beta ?
    If not then I will continue to wait and feel free to add a “when it’s ready”

  13. Hello!
    I just made the DL of ProMods 2.30 and when I play it closes the game, I’m not with other mods active in the profile.
    also started another profile also without mods but continues closing the game.

  14. zz says:

    Hi, I´m trying download with free slow speed options but it always said that i need to finish previous download… I already download first 2 but now even when is download completed i still cannot download any of next parts

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