ProMods 2.32 and Updated Add-ons Are Now Available!

A12 - Latvia

SCS Software has recently released update 1.33 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. We are proud to provide you with our compatibility updates for the ProMods map and both add-ons nearly at the same time. Do not expect any new content in these updates. However, we have included several language translations for city and cargo names, a new feature introduced in ETS2 1.33.

Please note that ProMods 2.32 is not officially compatible with the “Beyond the Baltic Sea” DLC. If you have the DLC, you can still run ProMods 2.32 but you would only be able to access the ProMods Baltic region rather than the DLC version. A future update to ProMods will require the DLC and allows you to explore SCS’s version of the Baltic region.

Download ProMods Map 2.32

Download Trailer & Company Pack 1.21

Download Cabin Accessory Pack 1.07


These are full releases. After installing these versions, make sure to delete your previous ProMods map and addon versions.

27 Responses to ProMods 2.32 and Updated Add-ons Are Now Available!

  1. Felix Kempe says:

    Ich würde gerne sowas ausprobieren wollen

  2. cedxb9 says:


    Do you know when will you release the DLC compatible version “Beyond the Baltic Sea”?

    Thank you

  3. Eric Reid says:

    Hello, is the complete DLC incompatible or just the Map?
    So, can I earn the achievements? 🙂

  4. Zenja says:

    ETS 2 says that the ProMods 2.32 is incompatible with the version that im running…my game version is 1.33.2s

  5. Lather says:

    And waitting “Beyond the Baltic Sea” version.

  6. Csongoose says:

    Hello. I have just updated my ets 2 to new vsrsion, and the mod manager says: The mod is not compatibile with the current version. What should I do? I have promods map version 2.32.
    Thanks for replying.

  7. Csongoose says:

    Hello. I have ets 2 1.33.2s 64bit version, and promods 1.32 doesn’t compatibile with my game. (Mod manager says) What should I do?
    Thanks for replying.

  8. ToMatt says:

    I can’t download the files of the Pro Mods Map. I just download 5kb and the download stop. Anyone can help me?

  9. ets 2 mod says:

    Update looking great. Thx promods.

  10. arashida says:

    Hey guys. There is a problem in the game when pressing F7 button to see truck/trailer damage. F5 and F6 are working fine but F7 button crash the game. I have tried it twice and it´s not good to press it in the game without save.

    Game is running good with ProMods and Balkan.

  11. Danny Malast says:

    Hi there,

    Could you please help me with my issue.

    When I was doing a delivery to Klagenfurt the game kept crashing and throwing me out in same area time after time that I tired as I wanted to finish the delivery. I even tried using the “Service” to take me to the city so I could bypass the glitch but even that kept failing. Really frustrating.

    After me trying to bypass it I took out the 7 pro mod files from Mod Manager to see if that can help and the game restarted me back at base. When I was in the menu I received email from Special Transport, that the deliveries are available in quite a few cities from what I noticed. Then I went back to Mod Manager, enabled the 7 pro mod files and once I was back in the menu I have received same email but only showing me a few cities I can do the Special Transport delivery. Should that not show me more as with the ProMod I have enabled more cities? I have gone to Promod website and redowloaded def file making sure I clicked Special Transport saved it in mod file in my document, however that didn’t add any more cities where I could do Special Transport jobs. I turned the game back on was at the base in Košice. Everywhere I drove there were pink paths around me :(.

    How has this happened and how can I fix it?


  12. Dovahkiin1976 says:

    How many times do i have to keep on restarting my career, after every update???.. Just ridiculous.

    • Stummer Stummer says:

      No, you can use your profile/career with all updates of our mod.
      Just ensure to make a backup before updating the map.

  13. Marcin says:

    cześć mam pytanie zawsze pobieram wasze najnowsze pro mods ale ciągle nie ma mojego miasta Gniezna czy w przyszłości zamierzacie dodać to miasto do mapy Bo w końcu troche słabo to wygląda że nie ma pierwszej stolicy polski Pozdrawiam Marcin

  14. Przemysław says:

    witam. po rozpakowaniu 7zip mam 6 plików i przenosić do mody i brakuje jednego pliku o nazwę *.def np. promods-def-v232 i skąd bierze o def?

  15. Filipe says:

    Good evening, fantastic work, very pleased to have bought the map!
    It works perfectly!
    For when Portugal?
    Keep up the great work!
    best regards

  16. Олег says:

    доброе утро, то когда выйдет обновление под DLC «За пределами Балтийского моря», никак не могу дождаться его

  17. Олег says:

    добрый день, когда выйдет обновление карты под DLC «За пределами Балтийского моря»? 2.32 у меня пишет не совместимо с последней версией игры ETS

  18. Олег says:

    Доброго времени суток, когда выйдет новая карта?

  19. Robert says:

    Keep up the great work! It must be hard having to fix your mod every time ETS2 gets updated. Again thanks and I always use the promods map it’s the best.

  20. Phillip says:

    Good evening,
    i have downloaded the ProMods 2.32. My ETS2 Version is
    In my Mod Manager i get the Message: “With currently Version of this Game, the Mod is incompatible.”

    The Trailer and Company Pack isn’t incompatible.

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