Compatibility Update 1.98 Released!

ProMods 1.98 is now released for ETS version 1.21

This means you need Going East (for the connection of the new Hungarian areas to Slovenia) and Scandinavia (where we merge ProMods with the Scandinavia DLC)

ProMods Version 1.98

This version fixes many bugs from previous versions and ensures compatibility with the latest version of ETS2 (1.21)

Download Current Version
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Version 1.9x of the ProMods is the biggest update released yet. It adds 30 completely new cities in 10 different countries. The whole northwestern Germany was rebuild from scratch with the ARP project.

Content NEW IN 1.9x:

  • Estonia: Tallinn, Pärnu, Tartu, Valga
  • Faroe Islands: Klaksvík, Tórshavn
  • France: Bayonne, Pau, Limoges
  • Germany: completely rebuilt northwest, added cities: Oberhausen, Bad Oeynhausen
  • Iceland: Reykjavík, Reyðarfjörður, Seyðisfjörður, Keflavík Airport, Akureyri, Höfn, Vík, Blönduós, Borgarnes
  • Italy: Bologna
  • Latvia: Valka
  • Switzerland: Basel
  • Slovenia: Ljubljana, Maribor
  • United Kingdom: Wick, Inverness, Oban, Fort William, Hull
  • Austria: New Brennerautobahn & Karawankentunnel
  • Netherlands: Zwolle

Full list of the content can be found here. If you find any bugs please report them in the bug reports forum!

12 Responses to Compatibility Update 1.98 Released!

  1. SERUP says:

    why does promods 1.98 not work whit truckSimMap 6.1 for patch 1.21 !!!1

  2. Fernando Gustavo Sanchez Parra says:

    hola,,, tengo mi juego actulizado a la 1.21.1.. cree un nuevo perfil, coloque los mods en orden indicado y no añadi ningun otro mod…. y aun asi el juego se rompe….. ¿que puedo hacer?

  3. jailton says:

    quando voces vão atualizar pra versão 1,22

  4. Xqwas216 says:

    Will a blog post be for promods 2.0?

  5. quentin says:

    tout vos lien sont mort impossible de télécharger a chaque fois que je fini de le télécharger il me dit que le fichier et corrompue avant ce n’était pas aussi merdique c’est a causse de vos maj pour les dlc going est et going north !!!!!!!!!! svp m’était des lien qui son deja en scs et que l’on a juste besoin de télécharger

  6. sacrash says:

    Bonjour y aurait-il un moyen de télécharger la 1.98 svp? à chaque que j’éssaie je suis envoyer sur la page de téléchargeent de la 2.00.

  7. Mirel says:

    I have trouble downloading promods 200.7z 001 stop downloading and expel the corrupt data…Sorry for bad english

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