ProMods 2.0 is available now!

We are excited to share with you version 2.0 of our map! After more than two months of anticipation, the release is finally here for you to pick up.

ProMods 2.0 contains the following new content:

  • Thousands of virtual kilometers of new roads to explore.
  • 68 new cities, spread over 16 countries.
  • 5 new major city rebuilds.
  • 7 new countries: Andorra, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Spain and Ukraine.
  • Enhancements in Scandinavia.
  • A full scenery reconstruction of Iceland, and a scenery update of Finland and Faroe Islands.
  • Full merge of Poland Rebuilding.
  • Future compatibility advancements with RusMap.
  • New country-specific road markings applied on large portions of the map.
  • Uneven road surfaces, slippery icy roads, border stations, speed bumps and many more features to explore!

Full list of the content can be found in our compatibility list.

Download the new ProMods map from the link below and experience what the new generation of the ProMods map has in store for you!
Download Current Version


58 Responses to ProMods 2.0 is available now!

  1. Peter Eastwood says:

    Hi, Nico,
    My name is Peter and I am more than 60 years older than you! I am British but I live in Italy. I want you to know that your work, and the work of your colleagues, give me much pleasure and hours of entertainment. I wish you well in the IT career you have chosen …… Happy New Year to all of you.

    • Nico says:

      Happy new year to you too!

      • Nirnoy sarkar says:

        Hi Nico…I’m from India….i wish for yu’r better career…there is a problem for me….i also love ets2 game very much, this game is my heart…problem is how i combine tsm 6.2,mapa eaa 3:0,mhapro map 2.2,rusmap 1.6 with promods 2.0…i only install the promods 2.0…please…answer it…can yu answer me in my gmail account please….([email protected]) thank yu… 🙂

    • giulio says:

      excuse me if this is the wrong place to post my comment.
      I hust want to inform that the map is not compatible with the mwga store reworked 6.1 by afrosmiu. I hope my comment can be useful. thanks

  2. SERUP says:

    how do i download the rar or scs files beacuse when i downloade all the files i get no scs or rar files just some oter files that i can open or extract !!!!!!!!!! please help

  3. SERUP says:

    why do i only get some files that nemed 001 002 003 004 005 006 idont know what to fo doo whit those files so please help me because the only scs file im gestting is the def file the oter files i cant extract them ore nothing

  4. kızılkurt says:

    this is my problem too

  5. Stuferus says:

    and allready there have been bugs found which will – so we hope, be fixed asap 🙂

  6. Seba says:

    Guys your work is amazing ! Thank you so much for all work and this beautiful christmas suprise !!!

  7. LepiGamer says:

    I only get the .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006 and no Rar file to extract at all

  8. Help installing says:

    Hello I tried to install Promod 2.0, i downloaded all the files but i dont have the promods-v200.7z rar file anywhere?

  9. NooRTooN says:

    am facut plata pt o descarcare mai repede si nu am primit nimik ?

  10. Ross says:

    Ive installed v2.0 , i paid and downloaded it as 2 parts and have put all my files in mod folder , the game works fine , i have oban ect but no spain ?

  11. jailton says:

    não consego baixar era bom quano vinha e scs

  12. Guilherme Silva says:

    Hi, I´ve just install Pro Mods 2.0 but the game crashes when I press “DRIVE”. Can someone help me?

  13. Guilherme Silva says:

    It´s actually when I press “Continue Game”. Sorry

  14. Miguel says:

    I suppose it doesnt work for 1.21… isnt it??

  15. Андрей says:

    Здравствуйте, простите за тупость но архивы не работают.

  16. Kim Andersen says:

    1$ for all that, what an amazing x-mas gift. My game is running smoothly as usual. Thank you Promods 🙂

  17. Bayboidaz says:

    hey guys, ive installed 2.0 but my game crashes when entering Frensburg coming from Hamburg

  18. Miguel says:

    Heeey (again)
    WOOW Frankfurt is so amazing!! And I really like the airport, but in cities like Berlin and München there are signs that indicate how you can go to the airport, but the airport doesnt “exist”. Please add airports to all the cities that have one (Berlin, München, Düsseldorf, Köln-Bonn…). But really, the map is amazing and I’m in love with it <3 Thaanks

  19. Daniel says:

    I hit an invisible wall on motorway A13 near Innsbruck. Will be this bug fixed?

  20. Karl says:

    Thanx lads for an epic addon
    I use it with rusmap, together its perfect.
    Lads, DL 7zip , right click on ……..001 and select extract to /promods.v200. Works perfectly!!!

    I have been getting a ctd when entering any Romania cities, and idea??

  21. Martin says:

    I can not install this version. There is no file no rar. loading ruin. 502 bad gateway constantly getting error. I have promods-v200.7z.001promods-v200.7z.002 promods-v200.7z.003 promods-v200.7z.004 promods-v200.7z.005 promods-v200.7z.006 and def file but ı not install because not rar file. I deal with it almost every day but not working not downloading not rar file not. not.. downloading and install very bad and very hard

  22. André says:

    Hi guys. So first huge compliment to your map. Really great work that makes her since. The Map has indeed apparently still some bugs and errors that but certainly you will still resolve. 🙂 It would be great if you could the motorways around Nuremberg recreate realistic. For example, the A9 leads right past Nuremberg or the lack of interchange Nürnberg-Ost, as well as the lack of lack of space closure between Nürnberg-Ost and the A3 (interchange Altdorf). 😀 Otherwise carries on like this. Really great map.

  23. Eugen Augustin Stefanescu says:

    I can’t install this version. I use winrar and 7zip and no files to extract.I want to open the archive but i receive the answer ”the archive is corrupted”.

  24. Aca_tsar says:

    Hi guys! i have buy the file for 1dollar. and i have exc the file to my mod map . and and the game crash and i have no atoher mods . whats the problem ? help me pls

  25. stephane tardevet says:

    hello can we have promods 2.0 with tsm6.2 ? if so, what order? Thank you

  26. stephane tardevet says:

    TSM is a shame because larger

  27. paul13gr says:

    Is it compatible with Steam Achievements?

  28. josue kewit says:

    he descargado promods 2.01 para mi ets pero al momento de cargar el juego me envia un mensaje ets dejo de funcionar porque he visto otros videos que saca 6 aarchivos y este version 2.01 solo saca 5 x favor pido ayuda

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