What is ProMods?

ProMods is a map expansion for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which adds over 80 new cities and 8 completely new countries to the standard SCS map. The map tries to bring an enhanced experience by rebuilding the standard map areas like Germany, Benelux, Austria etc. as well as tweaking older ProMods areas. Have a look at the compatibility list to get a full overview.

ProMods’ goal is a complete high quality map of Europe to create a realistic feel anywhere in the map.

Is ProMods compatible with the most current version of ETS2?

We will always keepĀ up with the development of new updates of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and check the compatibility of our map. If changes by SCS break our mod, we will update our mods to become compatible again. But this can take a while. You can check the compatibiliy of the different ProMods versions with the updates of ETS2 in this list.

[button color=”orange” url=”http://www.promods.net/compat.php”]Compatibility List[/button]

Do I need any extra software or DLC?

You need to have the “Going East! DLC“, “Scandinavia DLC” “Vive la France ! DLC“, “Italia DLC“, “Beyond the Baltic Sea DLC“, “Road to the Black Sea DLC“, and “Iberia DLC” installed to use ProMods.

When is the next update coming?

When it’s ready.

Why didn’t you include city XYZ?

The scale of the map, with regard to reality, is 1:19. This means that everything in the game takes up 19 times more space than it does in real life, which in turn means often times there is no space to build a certain city. For the game mechanics to work, one can’t have remote or isolated cities either, otherwise they can’t serve as a starting point for the game. This is why the map can only grow along its borders and the developers can’t prioritise one city over another.

How do I extract the multi-part archive and install the map?

Download all 4 parts to the same folder and only open/extract the 1st part. The extraction program (WinZip/WinRAR/7zip) will recombine the archive automatically, allowing you to extract the ProMods files.

If you encounter problems on downloading or installing ProMods, we provide you a step-by-step tutorial in our forum and a video tutorial:

Can I safely uninstall ProMods?

Yes, ProMods is safe to uninstall. We recommend selling all assets in ProMods made areas of the map first, though.