ProMods Europe Map

ProMods Europe Map expands the world of Euro Truck Simulator 2. It is our aim to give you the feeling of driving through the real countries with their typical landscapes and buildings. To get an impression of the current size of the map and future expansion, please take a look at the map. For a full list of included cities, or if you’re using an older version of Euro Truck Simulator 2, you can check out the Compatibility List in our forum.

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This version requires ETS2 1.43 including “Going East!”, “Scandinavia”, “Vive la France !”, “Italia”, “Beyond the Baltic Sea”, “Road to the Black Sea” DLC, and “Iberia” DLC

We provide a file testing tool for those who are struggling with the multi-part 7-zip archives. You can find the tool on the download page. The archive contains some instructions if you need them. This tool will check the integrity of the packages and will alert you if your packages were corrupted during the download.

20 New Countries with 106 New Cities

[flag=ax] Åland, [flag=ad] Andorra, [flag=bg] Bulgaria, [flag=hr] Croatia, [flag=cy] Cyprus, [flag=fo] Faroe Islands, [flag=ge] Georgia, [flag=gr] Greece, [flag=is] Iceland,
[flag=im] Isle of Man, [flag=ie] Ireland, [flag=je] Jersey, [flag=li] Liechtenstein, [flag=md] Moldova, [flag=mk] North Macedonia, [flag=ro] Romania,
[flag=rs] Serbia, [flag=si] Slovenia, [flag=es] Spain, [flag=ua] Ukraine

These are completely new countries, including original traffic rules, street signs, license plates, fuel prices and much more.

We build typical landscapes, vegetation and buildings so you’ll notice the country you drive in just by watching the scenery. There are even more cities or small villages visible in far distance or to drive through just to make the scenery complete.

251 Added or Improved Cities in 22 Countries

[flag=at] Austria, [flag=be] Belgium, [flag=bg] Bulgaria, [flag=cz] Czech Republic, [flag=dk] Denmark, [flag=ee] Estonia, [flag=fi] Finland, [flag=fr] France,
[flag=de] Germany, [flag=hu] Hungary, [flag=it] Italy, [flag=lv] Latvia, [flag=lt] Lithuania, [flag=nl] Netherlands, [flag=no] Norway, [flag=pl] Poland,
[flag=ro] Romania, [flag=ru] Russia, [flag=sk] Slovakia, [flag=se] Sweden, [flag=ch] Switzerland, [flag=gb] United Kingdom

Besides the cities added or improved in existing countries, there are many roads and landscapes completely revised to look more real than in the original game.