About Us

ProMods started back in december 2012 when ScuL and Nico met each other on the ETS2 social platforms.

It started with a very easy question that neither of the two could answer. What followed is this.

The project began with creating Scandinavia for ETS2. We had a clear goal. A release of the southern part of Scandinavia before the summer holidays. The reality was of course different.

Since the first release of ProMods in august 2013 the map and team grew with lightning speed. Developers that soon followed our cause were Kutchek and Mandelsoft. The 1.5x release during Christmas 2013 drew even more attention to the map.

The community began to grow and so did the team. We soon realised that ProMods did something that people liked. We invested more and more hours into smaller details. With enormous results.

In 2014 we finally got in touch with SCS. SCS showed alot of respect to the current work we have done and invited us over. Also to keep our map more easily compatible we got added to their Beta and Alpha projects.

Right now ProMods doubles the standard SCS map. With over 30 people directly involved (forum and development) we got one of the biggest modding teams in the ETS2 community.

With over 700.000 forum members, we’ve even surpassed the official SCS forums in terms of membership. Over the coming years we will continue to focus on expanding and improving ETS2 Europe wherever possible. We strive to make the impossible possible, by pushing the game’s engine to its limits.