ProMods 2.50 Released

Over the past two months, we showcased the new content in our current map release. And now you can explore ProMods 2.50, compatible with ETS2 version 1.38, for yourself. 

This major update features over 40 new or rebuilt cities across 20 countries. For the first time, Albania, Montenegro and Georgia are represented. The changes are summarised in the following image:

As usual, this update both expands the map in many directions, and rebuilds/upgrades existing parts of the map. We want to keep as much of the map as possible at today’s highest standards, which sometimes requires improving ProMods mapping from just a few years ago.

For more screenshots and details of what’s new, just look through the recent posts on this blog, where we published numerous in-depth previews while getting the update ready for release.

To give you an idea of the scale of work involved: since we entered the beta-testing phase in late June, the developers have fixed almost 3000 bugs, and placed signs and other finishing touches all over the map. And in the first 3 days, we already served 30 TB of data to the community. So, what are you waiting for? We hope that you enjoy ProMods 2.50!

Promoter Videos

Still need convincing to give our map our go, or just want something to watch while downloading to help you decide where to explore first? Our media promotion partners have made a wide range of content with a beta-version of the mod to inform and entertain you. One video from each promoter is listed below. Some of them have made many more!

We must start with our own official teaser trailer. TGM once again did an amazing job with this trailer!

For more in-depth, but still self-contained, cinematic preview videos:

Want to see more of a particular region? Wombat Trucker has serialised his videos (similarly to our own previews on this blog).

If you prefer longer-form driving videos or even livestreams:

We are not limited to English-speaking promoters:

We’d like to thank our promoters for all the hard work they put into creating their stunning content.

ProMods 2.50 Trailer Skin Pack

Look carefully at the start of our video trailer and you will notice a special trailer skin. Our add-on developer tkk7406 has made this trailer skin pack to celebrate the release of ProMods 2.50! It features screenshots from some of the top locations throughout the map. There are skins available for all types of box and tank trailers from the base game and both the Schwarzmüller and Krone Trailer Pack DLCs, so you’ll be able to match your entire trailer fleet to the ProMods 2.50 theme and design!

In addition, some of our promoters received personalised trailer skins, which you can see in their videos—again thanks to tkk7406. He collaborated with Clumsy and Squirrel to design their very own ProMods 2.50 trailers as a token of appreciation for supporting ProMods.

All three skin packs are available to download now in the Steam Workshop, separately from the main mod. Make sure you don’t miss them! You’ll find the main skin pack by clicking here, and if you are a fan of Clumsy or Squirrel or if you are a member of their VTCs, make sure you download Clumsy’s trailer skins and Squirrel’s trailer skins.

Add-On Packs

Of course, our official add-on packs needed updating to ETS2 version 1.38 as well. 

The Middle-East Add-On Pack version 2.50 features a new road connection amongst other minor improvements. 

The Trailer and Company Pack (TCP) version 1.26 and Cabin Accessories Pack (CAP) version 1.12 are simply compatibility updates.

I'm into truck simulators for several years now and made some simple mods for "18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin". Besides being a moderator in the forum, I maintain the blog and the social media channels.

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