ProMods 2.50 Previews: Spain

Welcome to the first of the ProMods 2.50 Previews, where over the next several weeks we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the content coming in 2.50. There is a lot to look forward to, so let’s get started with this week’s preview: Spain.

ProMods 2.50 will contain the new city of Ciudad Real, with plenty of beautiful scenery on the way. In particular, the Embalse (Reservoir) de Contreras has been accurately recreated and features a challenging road to reach a cement plant.

The new content was made by developer realdeal350, but he’s been taking a break from working in Spain ahead of the Iberia DLC, recently focussing on ProMods: Canada instead. We understand that the community is eager to know what we will do once the Iberia DLC comes out. Seeing as the majority of ProMods Spain is still of high quality at today’s standards, any decisions regarding the merge of the DLC with ProMods content will need to be made after the DLC has been released so that we can compare directly.

For now though, enjoy the screenshots and we’ll see you for the next preview.

I'm into truck simulators for several years now and made some simple mods for "18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin". Besides being a moderator in the forum, I maintain the blog and the social media channels.

0 thoughts on “ProMods 2.50 Previews: Spain

  • Jarno Moleveld says:

    Fully understandable that the ProMods team is waiting on this one, you can’t really proceed until the official part has arrived that you will need. I do hope people will give the team respect and the time to get things done.

    May I suggest a step in between? Like a ProMods version that will be for 1.38 but not including the Iberia DLC or anything new made in Spain? At least people will see that the team is working hard on things and after a quick update the team has also more time to add in the new Iberia DLC after the fact. This will help both the users of Promods as the team. I keep it to a suggestion, I do not tell the team what to do.

    Another suggestion would be working on a update for Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia for example. These countries are not completed and there could easily be a update for a near future update.

    A revamp of the Netherlands would be great as well, the North of the country is flat as a pancake and doesn’t really have hills. The Afsluitdijk that’s there currently should get a revamp (it’s 80 km/h for trucks there, not lower unless they take the off ramps) Adding in some bunkers that should be visible (Frisian side) there would be a good thing as well. The flags at the monument should be the Dutch flag, Frisian flag and a EU flag. Adding in a city like Bolsward, even if it’s fairly tiny would make sense and it’s right aside the A7 as well. All of course wishing for something that may never happen, but hey we can at least suggest it 🙂

    I wish the team good luck preparing future content!

    • Dieter Hartmann says:

      Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit pro mods , habe sie vor kurzem gekauft und werde es wieder machen. Ich weiß auch das es wenn es gut werden soll ,dauert. Macht witer so( Daumen hoch)

  • you guys are the best, seriously. When i drove in Spain, it looked so realistc, also the cities were so well made. I hope that SCS will detail the cities like you guys did, otherwise i will just wait for your immersion. Keep up the great work!

  • Dieter Hartmann says:

    Ich bin froh das es die Pro mods gibt ,macht weiter so. Bin auf das neue in Zukunft gespannt, weiß aber auch das, wenn etwas gut werden soll, kann es dauern.

  • Omar Saadi Villalpando says:

    Hola, me gustaría proponer una nueva ciudad para el mapa de Promods. La ciudad es Cuenca, declara patrimonio de la humanidad y cuenta con una población de 55.000 habitantes. Ya que ustedes han hecho el embalse de Contreras, que se sitúa en la provincia de Cuenca, se podría unir con la capital de la provincia y también unirla con Guadalajara y con Madrid. Las carreteras son las siguientes: N320( Guadalajara- Cuenca), dónde se encuentra el embalse de Entrepeñas y Buendía; A40(Cuenca-Tarancón-Ocaña- Toledo); N420( Cuenca -Teruel). Un saludo Omar Saadi Villalpando

  • Karl-Heinz Loos says:

    ich bin auch sehr zufrieden mit eure Arbeit ich fahre sie gerne ich habe auch keine Fehler gefunden ich freue mich auf die nähste von euch

  • I have being looking around for responses but impossible. My question is this: Do I need to create a new profile for single player and another one for multiplayer? Thanks.

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