ProMods 2.50 Previews: Iceland

Welcome to the second ProMods 2.50 Preview. This week we take a look at the improvements and new content in Iceland. Despite only starting in February, our new Iceland developer DOWL has made some excellent progress which we are excited to share with you.

As one of the few regions of Iceland not to have received substantial upgrades since its first iteration back in ProMods 1.9, it was high time that the capital Reykjavík was rebuilt using newer assets and techniques, making it feel much closer to the real thing. All the old prefab junctions have been replaced and the signage has been given a major overhaul.

In addition to a rebuild, Keflavík – Iceland’s main international airport – has been moved to the correct location so now you can enjoy a longer drive on the road between the airport and the capital. Two new towns have also been added: Grindavík has a petrol station and a small hotel while Þorlákshöfn has a harbour for you to deliver boats to. New roads connect these towns to Keflavík and Selfoss so you can explore the vast wilderness of Iceland’s Southern Peninsula.

Sections of the ring road between Höfn and Reykjavík have been updated with Höfn, Vík and Hella getting a refresh with new assets.

It’s not just an improved map you can look forward to in 2.50. You now receive HUD messages when entering a new region, a feature we have started adding to multiple countries. Furthermore, several companies have been added or reworked, plus there’s one other new feature we haven’t mentioned that you will have to wait to discover for yourself.

DOWL plans to keep improving and expanding Iceland, so hopefully there will be more to come in updates beyond 2.50. You can keep up with the latest developments in the forum thread. That’s all for now though – we’ll see you for the next preview.

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