Compatibility Updates for ETS2 1.31

We released updates of all of our mods to enable compatibility with the latest update of Euro Truck Simulator 2 to version 1.31.

ProMods Map 2.27

This is a plain compatibility update with bug fixes for major bugs only. As with the last version, the Italy DLC works with (but is not required for) this version.

You will see lots of new content with our upcoming version 2.30, as well as bug fixes for many minor bugs. There’s still a lot of work for us, but we are aiming to release our next big update by the end of summer. Note that version 2.30 will require the Italy DLC.

Download ProMods Map 2.27

Cabin Accessories Pack 1.05

Apart from the compatibility with ETS2 1.31 this pack includes two new caps featuring our logo. We also added support for the New Generation Scania.

Download Cabin Accessory Pack 1.05

Trailer & Company Pack 1.17

This is a plain compatibility update. We are working on adding animated trailer cables and new content, which will be added in the next major update to the addon.

Download Trailer & Company Pack 1.17


These are full releases. After installing these versions, make sure to delete your previous ProMods map or pack versions.

4 Responses to Compatibility Updates for ETS2 1.31

  1. seba says:

    7zxa.dll bład z pliku winrar z promods 1 plik

  2. Victor meinel says:

    When I try to activate my DEF file is it saying I need to install or activate the DLC_it. But I can’t find the dlc_it please help me

    • Stummer Stummer says:

      You need ALL FOUR map DLC to run ProMods:
      * Going East
      * Scandinavia
      * Vive la France
      * Italy (and this one is missing on our PC)

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