ProMods Hotfix distribution

We are trying a new way of releasing quick, snappy, fixes to common problems that are discovered in the release and that have not been noticed during beta-testing.

Because of the size of our mod it is a very complicated process to release updates quickly, and we also do not want to force people to obtain updates all too frequently.
So we are now trying a new way of fixing these issues with a rapid deployment hotfix system.

The way it works is the following:
Problems that are reported on our forums are repaired within a matter of days, the hotfix gets updated and is then released when a large number of issues are solved. It does not make sense to release updates for 1 or 2 issues, nor does it make sense to release a hotfix every other day.Β  But at least this way we are able to tackle most critical problems rather quickly without forcing users to download 1.5GB of data on a regular basis.

When a critical number of hotfixes is reached, a minor patch will be released for the game, for instance 2.16 to 2.17.
Small glitches like grass on the road or a misplaced sign are not worth hotfixing and they will be updated for future major releases (2.20, and so forth).

We have received a lot of criticism and many insults from users who believe that we should check every nook and cranny of the map before releasing an update.
The reality is that this is not possible because of the size of the map. Even if we had a team of 500 beta-testers there would still be small issues that would not be discovered during our testing phases. Every map mod that currently exists has flaws in places, and even the official SCS DLC’s have issues despite being rigorously tested for months. On a relative scale ProMods has very few issues measuring the size that the map mod stretches.

Then there is also the issue that sometimes problems occur in areas of the map that are unchanged. For instance the “sinkhole” prefab on the E4 motorway near Stockholm was never tested because nothing in this area had changed in the update. What happened was that one of the prefabs got corrupted during conversion from game version 1.26 to 1.27, and it was not noticed because there was no reason to suspect that. A similar thing happened with the snow spray roads in Romania. Issues like the aforementioned can now be resolved in the hotfixes.

Since update 1.27 there are several places on the map where AI cars are disappearing in areas where 5 lane roads have been used. This is caused by a change in the code of the game by SCS and we are currently not able to fix this problem without their help. So you will have to endure seeing cars disappear in these areas unfortunately.

Because the hotfixes are largely untested they are issued on a “use at your own risk” basis. This means that we only recommend our advanced (and most critical) users to use these hotfixes.
For all other users we recommend waiting until the next stable release of ProMods is announced.

It is also important to note, that when you report a bug on the forums you make us aware which hotfix you are using.

When using the hotfix please make it the highest priority, (above all other mods in the mod manager), or it will not work.

You can provide feedback on this new method on our forum.

You can find the latest hotfix updates in this thread on the forum as well.


I've played SCS games from the very first 18 Wheels of Steel release in the 90's, and founded ProMods together with Nico as I was disappointed with the size of the European map upon release of ETS2. Although I don't so much mapping apart from placing signs, I'm a specialist in road signs & license plates and run all the administrative operations for ProMods (coding of our websites, development tools, management etc.). I also try to set the goal posts for future expansions of ProMods and keep everybody in the team aligned.

0 thoughts on “ProMods Hotfix distribution

  • Hate what you all do with ProMods.
    Too bad that SCs are changing so much, people who stop doing this are getting more and more bullied because it’s no longer workable. Skinners and mud caps are included.
    I’ve also stopped shining, so you’re doing something beautiful, so there’s an update and it does not work anymore. Worthless I have Promods for 1.27 but decided to stop completely at the next update of SCS.

  • The only problem I had was it crashed around some towns, but then updated to that latest map and bam, no problem πŸ™‚ Love your work guys and I will always pay to get your map.

  • Good morning team I wanted to ask you why the game is going to shoot in Barcelona, ​​there is a substantial downturn of fps!
    thank you

  • I personally think you guys do an amazing job and the updates you release are tested about as much as you possibly can. It seems to be the way these days that a certain minority seem to think everyone else on the internet owes them, well for everything and even the smallest blade of grass or texture error is a personal insult that you should have known about and have deliberately placed there just to piss them off.
    Ignore and ban anyone who insults you and only care about the vast majority of users who enjoy and appreciate the incredible work you do.

    You guys are the sole reason I’m still playing ETS2 as the default map (while being extremely good) just wasn’t good enough or detailed enough.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing work you do and please keep doing it.


  • Thanks for sharing the information about distribution of game, its amazing and the updated version are outstanding.

  • AlexGamerAmd says:

    Promodss-v216.7z is not work on ets2!?
    its say Not compatible on mod list

    how i can fix it???? need help now!

    (have dlc going east and scanvdinva)

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