ProMods 2.16 – Compatibility update for ETS2 1.27 is available now!

We are working hard towards ProMods 2.20 which will once again introduce a wide variety of new landscapes and infrastructure into the mod. However, complications due to the situation in Poland mean that its release is some way off yet.

In the meantime, this compatibility update is necessary for the current ProMods map to work with Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.27. It requires all three map DLCs: “Going East!”, “Scandinavia”, and “Vive la France !”. There will be no future versions of the mod that do not require all of these DLCs.

Over 10,000 of our models have been converted to the new format required for ETS2 1.27. Fortunately most of this could be done in batches, but some models required greater attention. At the same time, we are reviewing the models from Poland Rebuilding, some of which are rarely used and poorly optimised so can be removed or replaced. This process will take much longer to complete, but should improve the efficiency of our mod over time.

2.16 also showcases the first of many improvements to the map in Poland. You can enjoy a rebuilt Siedlce and various overhauls of interchanges and delivery points elsewhere.

Cherbourg, France


Furthermore, we highlight some of the smaller bonus changes. We have several rebuilding projects, but as modding techniques progress some improvements can be implemented earlier, before the full rebuild. These “lite” rebuilds generally get rid of pet peeves (like single-lane highway interchanges or old signs and terrain textures) and can be done in a short amount of time. A demonstration of this can be found in Luxembourg and around Prague in the Czech Republic, where 6 single-lane interchanges have been replaced.

You’ll find more tasters of 2.20 in other countries: two roads were extended in Italy, while in France Cherbourg has returned to the mod and Metz has been rebuilt – both with many assets from the “Vive la France !” DLC to fit in with the surrounding mapping style. And as optimisation techniques improve, parts of Manresa and Barcelona have been overhauled to improve performance. Without a complete rebuild these older areas of Spain will never perform as well as those coming in 2.20 and beyond, but we continue to do what we can to reduce lagging.

Police Cars of Finland, Liechtenstein, Estonia and Serbia

Finally, thanks to some excellent teamwork we are proud to include AI police cars for all countries introduced by ProMods to complement those added by SCS in ETS2 1.27 for all vanilla countries. This was only possible with Jazzycat’s permission for us to use some of his vehicles, and PirriAND’s permission for us to use his skin for the Andorran police car. Our special thanks go out to them.

Download ProMods 2.16

We have also released compatibility updates for the ProMods Add-ons “Trailer & Company Pack” and “Cabin Accessories Pack” a few days earlier. Both updates are pure compatibility patches without any new content.

Download Trailer & Company Pack 1.13 Download Cabin Accessories Pack 1.02

21 Responses to ProMods 2.16 – Compatibility update for ETS2 1.27 is available now!

  1. Random says:

    ProMods = the best!

  2. >single-lane interchanges have been replaced

    Exactly what we need. I don’t know if there are actually any highways like that but this single lane interchanges have annoyed me for so many years.

  3. I have problem whith user name accont

  4. Берик says:

    Спасибо Вам за работу,желаю удачи всем кто трудиться над этими проектами.

  5. Pardubák says:

    thank you promods team for your hard work.

  6. Benjamin says:

    Dear Promods team! Can you pls focus a bit on rebuilding Stuttgart for the next update! It’s just a vanilla interchange and 3 small companies. Hope you will rebuild it! Thx

  7. Fel says:

    “Thank you!!” to all members of the promods-team.

    Great work again 🙂

  8. Ben says:

    Thanks for your great work, I simply love it.

  9. emre osman says:

    bırsey sormak ıstıyorum bende goıng eastla iskandınavya var franca yopk acarmıü

  10. NewmanSkull says:

    Ist hier jemand der Deutsch kann?

    ProMods 2.16 für Version 1.27

    Kann es sein das die Map noch einige Fehler hat?
    Ich kann zum Beispiel nicht zum Hafen ganz oben links in Dänemarkt. Bei der ein Strecke
    über die Autobahn in ne unsichtbare Wand und durch das Dörchen ist die Straße gesperrt
    mit diesen xxxxxx. Und da in der Nähe sind Büsche auf/in der Straße/n Schild usw.
    Habt ihr das auch oder ist das nur bei mir so?

    • Stummer Stummer says:

      Für eine Analyse bräuchten wir den Inhalt Deiner “Game.log.txt” Datei. Diesen kannst Du im Forum posten:

      Ansonsten prüf bitte auch, ob da nicht ein Mod-Konflikt auftritt – z.B. die “Real Company Mod” ist bekannt dafür, dass diese inkompatibel ist und zu Problemen führt.

  11. ege says:

    Do we need to have Vive la France DLC?

    • Stummer Stummer says:

      Yes, since version 2.15 “Going East!”, “Scandinavia” and “Vive la France !” are required.

  12. Arpi28 says:

    I downloaded the 2.16 version and I copied to ETS folder, but when I start the game, I get a message that this version is not compatible and looking at the info, it appear that the version of promods is 2.15. How can I fix this issue?

  13. Migara MAdawa says:

    i using Euro Truck Simulator 2- v., it says Mode is incompatible
    with current game version

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