SCS just released their Scandinavia DLC. Now we need to get very busy with making sure that this update will be ProMods compatible.

The current officially released ProMods pack does NOT work with the new patch and/or the new DLC.

You can follow the progress on the conversion here.

Also more info will be on our forum and on our page.

We expect a release of the ProMods 1.95 within two-four weeks. Meanwhile you guys can explore the beauty that SCS has created!


My name is Nico, 18 years old from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I've been mapping since the end of 2011 and started ProMods back in December 2012. My knowledge reaches from mapping to texturing and modelling. The sky is the limit for me. Right now I'm doing an IT education so, I will be stuck behind a PC for the rest of my life!

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