MandelSoft reviews: the ETS2 Scandinavia DLC

MandelSoft from ProMods reviews the recently published Scandinavia DLC. Is it any good and is ProMods really that great in Scandinavia? This video gives an opinion of the pros and cons of both and see how good they are holding up against each other…

(Note: this is the first time I work with a script for the commentary.  I still had to take a lot retakes on the voice recording)

0 thoughts on “MandelSoft reviews: the ETS2 Scandinavia DLC

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    Very interesting points. I liked your review. Just a question is v 1.91 compatible with the 1.17 v. Thanks and good day

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    Humblesimon says:

    Hey Maarten, as a fellow “Dutchie” I was wondering, can someone make something for the fans of this game AND Promods using Dutch sources.
    I would love to see some good Wolter Koops paints or Koopman car transports.
    And if that is impossible, i have lots of paint packs from almost all over Europe and Scandinavia but not a Dutch skin…. 🙁

    • MandelSoft

      It is possible, but not the main focus of our team. There are many plans we want to do first. But maybe someone else on the forum is willing to do it.

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    Alan Blundell says:

    You guys at Pro mods are the best. SCS only built Scandinavia DLC, because of the popularity of Pro Mods. You guys are the pioneers of futures maps for ETS2. I use Multiplayer ETS2, but I wish I could use the Pro Mod at the same time. Carry on the great work guys – You Are The Best!

    • MandelSoft

      Not entirely true. Their plan of Scandinavia was a plan they had for a longer time. However, we did inspire them how to build their map…

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