Update of ProMods 1.95 Available!

We updated our map with version 1.95 to fix several bugs and ensure compatibility with the latest update of Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can download the updated version from our download site. And don’t forget to generate a new DEF file, since we made some changes there too!

ProMods in its original form was not compatible with the Scandinavia DLC. To give you the chance to enjoy the new DLC, we decided to release a version with our Scandinavia being removed. In this version some roads and ferry ports on the German/Danish border were changed to fit the vanilla DLC map and and make it compatible with the Scandinavia DLC.

Due to some changes in the map files of ETS2, we decided to release our current version as ETS2 1.18 compatible. This way we don’t need another update when SCS releases its next update.

[button color=”orange” url=”http://download.promods.net/”]Download Version 1.95 (for ETS2 1.18)[/button]

Unfortunately the complexity of releasing one version that works with and one that works without the Scandinavia DLC, we came to the decision to release only the version that requires the Scandinavia DLC. But for people playing ETS2 without the Scandinavia DLC, version 1.91 is still available with help of a compatibility patch for ETS2 1.17.x / 1.18.x.

[button color=”orange” url=”http://www.promods.net/compat.php”]Download Version 1.91[/button]

The Future of Scandinavia in ProMods

There’s no doubt that we will merge our existing Scandinavia with the one of the DLC – to provide you the best of both. This task will take several months and we only have a vague idea what parts will be used from ProMods or SCS. But you can keep up-to-date by checking our forum or social media accounts on a regular basis.

With ProMods 2.0 you will get a new and enhanced Scandinavia and we plan to include the Baltic States and the long-awaited Romania. But to connect these countries to the map, we are forced to make ProMods DLC dependent. In other words, with ProMods 2.0 and higher, you need to have both DLC (Going East and Scandinavia) to be installed.

I've played SCS games from the very first 18 Wheels of Steel release in the 90's, and founded ProMods together with Nico as I was disappointed with the size of the European map upon release of ETS2. Although I don't so much mapping apart from placing signs, I'm a specialist in road signs & license plates and run all the administrative operations for ProMods (coding of our websites, development tools, management etc.). I also try to set the goal posts for future expansions of ProMods and keep everybody in the team aligned.

0 thoughts on “Update of ProMods 1.95 Available!

  • Hi guys i have 1.17 and downloaded your release 1.91 but it didn’t work got a black screen then crashed so I turned off all mods and tried again and the samething happened again help please

    • Please log in to our forum, create a topic and post your problem there with the game.log.txt. We’ll be happy to help!

  • I cant understand why we need have DLC Scandinavia to play to play on PRO Mods MAP…
    to suppose i or something eyes not have money for this DLC,or i not like this dlc,how we play on this map

    • Because we need the assets included in the DLC to build a proper northern Europe. Simple as that. With our next version, ProMods 2.0, you will need to have both DLC (Scandinavia and Going East) to be installed.

  • Unfortunately you need ETS2 1.18 (beta) to run ProMods 1.95. SCS mixed up ferry defs since 1.17 and so we decided to be compatible with the upcoming ETS2 version.

  • Great will wait until Promods V2.0 comes out and you converted the Promods map because now I do not feel the need to buy Scandanavia DLC it is nice did see videos but I prefer Promods so I stick with 1.91 now.

    • ProMods 2.0 will require both DLC. Because we will use assets from both DLC and we need them to connect all our countries to the vanilla map.

      • thelegend99 says:

        Fair enough, I guess so.

        By the way, I got the DLCs (love ProMods that much!)and on ProMods 1.91 and 1.95 it crashes. Disabled the flags as well. My question is: How can I get it working again? It works perfectly without ProMods. Running on 1.18.

        Thanks for the quick reply!

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