ProMods 1.96 is Available Now!


We are excited to share with you that the compatibility update for 1.19 is finally ready. Now you can enjoy the improved ProMods Map on the latest Euro Truck Simulator 2 update!

When patch 1.19 of Euro Truck Simulator 2 came out, SCS changed some file formats which required updates to map mods – again. ProMods 1.96 is mainly a compatibility update, however we also did some bug fixing all over the map to improve the quality of our work.

Another issue we had to solve was that with the 1.19 update two new Hungarian cities were added to the Going East DLC: Pécs and Szeged. This pushed us to come up with a solution to connect our Slovenia to the new areas of Hungary via the Slovenian A5.

However, this also means that from this point, the Going East DLC will also be mandatory to run ProMods. There would be no other way to connect the areas mentioned prior, without having the Going East DLC. Without it many bugs would arise. Furthermore maintaining two versions of our mod pack would be extremely tedious and hard to handle, plus it would severely disrupt our future plans! Due to the fact that the Scandinavia DLC is already required since ProMods 1.95 we finally made the decision to make both map DLCs mandatory from this version onward:

ProMods 1.96 requires both the Scandinavia DLC and the Going East DLC!

[button color=”orange” url=””]Download Version 1.96[/button]

To update your copy of ProMods 1.96, don’t forget to create a new DEF file, since we’ve made some changes there too.

Work continues on ProMods 2.0

We now reset our focus to developing ProMods 2.0 which will be our biggest update in ProMods history. In saying that, the current status of the project is still a huge work in progress and it doesn’t allow us to predict an achievable release date just yet. So to tame your expectations, ProMods 2.0 will not be available within the next few months.

As we already announced Radol and his team joined us and Poland Rebuilding will be a permanent project in our further ProMods updates, which gives Poland the love it deserves. With the Scandinavia Merge, we combine the best out of the DLC’s Scandinavia and the former areas of ProMods’s Scandinavia – from Denmark, Sweden and Norway to Finland.

We’re also proud to introduce seven new countries:

  • [flag country=”es”] Spain
  • [flag country=”ad”] Andorra
  • [flag country=”ro”] Romania
  • [flag country=”bg”] Bulgaria
  • [flag country=”md”] Moldova
  • [flag country=”lt”] Lithuania
  • [flag country=”lv”] Latvia

And last but not least, many improvements on roads, cities, signs and details all over the map!

Stay tuned for further information by visiting the development topics on our forums or follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+!

Many thanks for your support!

Best regards from your Promods Team

Update of ProMods 1.95 Available!

We updated our map with version 1.95 to fix several bugs and ensure compatibility with the latest update of Euro Truck Simulator 2. You can download the updated version from our download site. And don’t forget to generate a new DEF file, since we made some changes there too!

ProMods in its original form was not compatible with the Scandinavia DLC. To give you the chance to enjoy the new DLC, we decided to release a version with our Scandinavia being removed. In this version some roads and ferry ports on the German/Danish border were changed to fit the vanilla DLC map and and make it compatible with the Scandinavia DLC.

Due to some changes in the map files of ETS2, we decided to release our current version as ETS2 1.18 compatible. This way we don’t need another update when SCS releases its next update.

[button color=”orange” url=””]Download Version 1.95 (for ETS2 1.18)[/button]

Unfortunately the complexity of releasing one version that works with and one that works without the Scandinavia DLC, we came to the decision to release only the version that requires the Scandinavia DLC. But for people playing ETS2 without the Scandinavia DLC, version 1.91 is still available with help of a compatibility patch for ETS2 1.17.x / 1.18.x.

[button color=”orange” url=””]Download Version 1.91[/button]

The Future of Scandinavia in ProMods

There’s no doubt that we will merge our existing Scandinavia with the one of the DLC – to provide you the best of both. This task will take several months and we only have a vague idea what parts will be used from ProMods or SCS. But you can keep up-to-date by checking our forum or social media accounts on a regular basis.

With ProMods 2.0 you will get a new and enhanced Scandinavia and we plan to include the Baltic States and the long-awaited Romania. But to connect these countries to the map, we are forced to make ProMods DLC dependent. In other words, with ProMods 2.0 and higher, you need to have both DLC (Going East and Scandinavia) to be installed.

MandelSoft reviews: the ETS2 Scandinavia DLC

MandelSoft from ProMods reviews the recently published Scandinavia DLC. Is it any good and is ProMods really that great in Scandinavia? This video gives an opinion of the pros and cons of both and see how good they are holding up against each other…

(Note: this is the first time I work with a script for the commentary.  I still had to take a lot retakes on the voice recording)