The Second Anniversary of


Hello community!

Today we are celebrating the second anniversary of! With a forever growing number of fans, over 170 000 people have joined the fun on our website, making ProMods the largest fan forum in the Euro Truck Simulator 2 community! Now is a good time to set things in retrospective to see how our humble project could grow to something this big…

ProMods started around three years ago as a two-man project between Scul and Nico. Their initial plan was to build Scandinavia for Euro Truck Simulator 2, called the Scandinavia Map. This would eventually become ProMods 1.0, which took ten months to complete. At the first release of the ProMods map, the website was opened to the public, exactly two years ago on this day.

Throughout the years, the team grew in size. Kutchek and MandelSoft joined quite early on after the website launched, and other team members with their own set of skills were invited and joined the team. Our current mapping team has 18 members and we are still looking for new members.

But not only did ProMods grow in size; it also grew in quality. Innovation has played a big part in the ProMods history. We don’t profilate ourselves that we try match SCS’ quality; we strive to go beyond that, to find new ways to design roads, landscapes and decoration. Pushing the boundaries, so to say. And we will keep on doing that to give you an increasingly better map.

We are more than just a map mod; we are a modding platform and a community. Our forums are full of activity of our fans and we even have recruited some of our developers on the forum that convinced us about the quality of their work. We have merged the Italy Addon mod in ProMods and Poland Rebuilding will be fully integrated into ProMods 2.0 in the future.

Therefore, we would like to thank our team members for all their effort and countless of hours they have put in the map to make it the map that it is today. We would also like to thank our moderators that keep our forums tidy and under control. We would like to thank our beta testers for their efforts to catch bugs for us to solve before the public has to deal with them…

But most of all, we would like to thank all of our fans that supported us, follow our work and that help other players out when they are having problems with Euro Truck Simulator 2, ProMods or any other mod. Without you, ProMods could never have become this big. As a little gift, we will add a special ProMods 2nd Anniversary truck skin for the Mercedes New Actros and the ProMods 2nd Anniversary trailer for you to drive with. You can pick it up from here.


ProMods is not just a map. It’s a community!


Happy Trucking!

Two Mods become one: the Merge of Poland Rebuilding and ProMods


Hello community!

Today we are very happy to tell you that ProMods and Poland Rebuilding are merged together into one map mod. And with that for some of you a long awaited wish came true. Poland Rebuilding always has been a must for ProMods Map players! Until now, these map mod was a separate option. In version 2.0 of the ProMods Map, Poland Rebuilding becomes an integral part of the ProMods experience!

Poland Rebuilding is a beautiful map done by a team of four map developers. The map is the proof of an awesome co-operation performed by a Polish team that have been investing all of themselves to give you the best possible driving experience of their home country. And they are not finished yet to give you a real driving impression of the Polish road network!

Radol – the leader of the Poland Rebuilding Team – always has been in contact with the developers of the ProMods Team. However, the compatibility between the two was still limited, especially at the bordering map sectors of the two maps, because each Team was working with the other released map version and not with the current version that’s in development.

But finally Radol made the decision to merge his Project under the flag of ProMods. ScuL took a lot of time and started and completed the merge of the data. MandelSoft assisted to properly connect all the overlapping map sectors. At this point, the merge have been completed!

Of course this will increase the size of the entire ProMods map package. This allows us to improve the bordering sectors perfectly by having actual versions and share our assets. It also helps greatly with co-ordinating the work between the two teams in the bordering areas.

Finally, in the future Poland Rebuilding Team has the support by the ProMods Team to help with Beta Testing and bring it on the performance standard level of the rest of ProMods map (which by the way will be further optimised for version 2.0).

So with upcoming ProMods 2.0, you no longer have to wait for a compatible Poland Rebuilding version; you no longer have to download it separately. It is an all-inclusive package! We want to give you the complete experience!

Best regards from your Promods Team

Squirrel interviews Mandelsoft!


Earlier this week, Squirrel interviewed MandelSoft, Lead Developer of the ProMods Team, about the future of ProMods. In this interview, MandelSoft explains various subjects, such as …

  • … the inner workings of the ProMods Team…
  • … how we recruit new members …
  • … what projects the team is currently developing …
  • … what the main reasons are why the Scandinavia DLC is required since ProMods 1.95…
  • … why TSM and ProMods just don’t work together …
  • … our vision for American Truck Simulator …
  • … and many more smaller subjects and surprises.

Video will be published at 17:30 GMT / 18:30 CET!

Stay tuned to find out who we are and hear something about our future plans!

MandelSoft reviews: the ETS2 Scandinavia DLC

MandelSoft from ProMods reviews the recently published Scandinavia DLC. Is it any good and is ProMods really that great in Scandinavia? This video gives an opinion of the pros and cons of both and see how good they are holding up against each other…

(Note: this is the first time I work with a script for the commentary.  I still had to take a lot retakes on the voice recording)

The Benelux Rebuilding Project: the back yard of the ProMods Team

In ProMods 1.91, you have already seen what ProMods is capable of doing when it comes to landscaping. The ARP (Autobahn Rebuilding Project) is a clear example of how vastly different the map can become given enough time, assets and love (that last aspect is also very important, you know). Each version of ProMods builds upon the knowledge gained in the previous version and with our ever growing skills and team, we are able to excel ourselves in every successive version.

However, because implementing this stuff to our map takes time, not all areas are up to our standards. Scandinavia can use quite an overhaul, since the majority of this has not seen any significant updates since its first implementation in version 1.0. Merging ProMods with the DLC will help a great deal in this (this is the reason why we halted large-scale updates in that area). The UK and the rest of Germany also needs a huge overhaul. While Germany is being worked on in phase 2 of the ARP, we have to wait with the UK, since SCS is planning to do an expansion towards Ireland (of which no further details are known other than that it is definitely going to happen). Austria still needs rebuilding at several locations, as well as northern Italy, the Czech Republic and the SCS parts of France. But that is not the focus of today…

Today we are going to focus on the area that most ProMods mappers (five in total) call home: the Benelux. Benelux is a common abbreviation of “Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg”, and thus it makes sense that this name is used for this project. Although some improvements have been made in this area in the past (the addition of Antwerpen and the E34 and E313, replacing at-grade crossings with interchanges in Rotterdam and Amsterdam) a lot is still misrepresented. The current map still contains, single-lane interchanges, at-grade crossings on motorways, an odd selection of represented motorways, space-consuming or missing river-crossings, and a-typical landscaping. For us, it was time to set things straight in our own home country, just like we did in Northwest Germany.

Below is a map of the Benelux representation in the current version of ProMods:

Map overview of the currently represented cities and roads in the Benelux area ETS2 with ProMods 1.91 installed.
Map overview of the currently represented cities and roads in the Benelux area ETS2 with ProMods 1.91 installed.

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