Two Mods become one: the Merge of Poland Rebuilding and ProMods


Hello community!

Today we are very happy to tell you that ProMods and Poland Rebuilding are merged together into one map mod. And with that for some of you a long awaited wish came true. Poland Rebuilding always has been a must for ProMods Map players! Until now, these map mod was a separate option. In version 2.0 of the ProMods Map, Poland Rebuilding becomes an integral part of the ProMods experience!

Poland Rebuilding is a beautiful map done by a team of four map developers. The map is the proof of an awesome co-operation performed by a Polish team that have been investing all of themselves to give you the best possible driving experience of their home country. And they are not finished yet to give you a real driving impression of the Polish road network!

Radol – the leader of the Poland Rebuilding Team – always has been in contact with the developers of the ProMods Team. However, the compatibility between the two was still limited, especially at the bordering map sectors of the two maps, because each Team was working with the other released map version and not with the current version that’s in development.

But finally Radol made the decision to merge his Project under the flag of ProMods. ScuL took a lot of time and started and completed the merge of the data. MandelSoft assisted to properly connect all the overlapping map sectors. At this point, the merge have been completed!

Of course this will increase the size of the entire ProMods map package. This allows us to improve the bordering sectors perfectly by having actual versions and share our assets. It also helps greatly with co-ordinating the work between the two teams in the bordering areas.

Finally, in the future Poland Rebuilding Team has the support by the ProMods Team to help with Beta Testing and bring it on the performance standard level of the rest of ProMods map (which by the way will be further optimised for version 2.0).

So with upcoming ProMods 2.0, you no longer have to wait for a compatible Poland Rebuilding version; you no longer have to download it separately. It is an all-inclusive package! We want to give you the complete experience!

Best regards from your Promods Team

18 Responses to Two Mods become one: the Merge of Poland Rebuilding and ProMods

    • slicker55 says:

      GREAT news for all ETS2 truckers and really looking forward to saying a final ‘goodbye’ to the days of having to constantly search for and update one map after another. Just a thought, is there any possibility of a similar merger with RusMap?

  1. Milan1NL says:

    Wow! Very nice!!

  2. edjon2000uk says:

    I heard a slight preview of this during Squirrels interview with Maarten, however it is great to hear the merge has been completed, can’t wait for ProMods 2.0 keep up the great work

  3. Great news.
    For those whom already have Poland rebuilding as a separate file is there any difference to upgrading to just the one whole map now with the two combined?

  4. arkon says:

    I think that this is a wonderful idea for two quality mods to merge. It will bring benefits to both teams and save a lot of extra work by not over lapping ideas. It will also bring a more enriching experience for the whole ETS2 community.

  5. AdwekPL says:

    Great news! But I do not know when it will work ?

  6. Michael Rosen says:

    Poland rebuilding became one with Mother Promods (lol)

  7. Maximka.L says:

    Will there be any association with Rusmap?

    • Stummer Stummer says:

      We already started a more intense communication. Both teams want to ensure that ProMods (incl. Poland Rebuilding) and RusMap will stay compatible.

  8. XZV says:

    Will Poland rebuilding developers become ProMods developers

  9. Clay says:

    Can’t believe that such a professional team does this for a hobby. The future of ETS2 and Promods is great with eventually the whole world being mapped, why not. With real places and companies already modded into the game, why not try and get some sponsorship from some major organisations as there are so many to choose from. Many modern day games have awesome graphics but have very poor gameplay. The details and touches in Promods are awesome but don’t forget the gameplay. Driving into tight places, roadworks, narrow roads, hill climbs, one way roads, varying loading bays and driver challenges or tests could also be improved, in my opinion, in order to further improve the gameplay. Look forward to Promods v2 with great anticipation and keep up the good work.

  10. […] we already announced Radol and his team joined us and Poland Rebuilding will be a permanent project in our further ProMods updates, which gives Poland the love it deserves. With the Scandinavia […]

  11. Drive Safely says:

    Absolutely amazing decision! This brings an amazing experience to the gameplay. Big fan and keep up the great work. 🙂

  12. xploreraj says:

    I was scouring the internet for poland rebuilding until I stumbled across this one 😀

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