ProMods 2.01 is now available!

The release of ProMods 2.00 was the biggest step in the history of our map mod. We added several new countries and cities, and we finally included the Poland Rebuilding project as an integral part of our map. Unfortunately, such huge projects have a high risk of bugs being undetected, even with an intense beta phase. What is even worse is that fixed bugs can find their way back into the final public release version – as happened with the game crashes in Romania.

Lambafell quarry, Iceland

So we worked hard on the current update and fixed 873 bugs that were reported in earlier versions. And as a bonus, we included some new and enhanced areas in Iceland and a reworked French/Spanish border in this version. Furthermore, there are a few other minor enhancements we would like to keep as a surprise.

With ProMods 2.01, we now have added a file testing tool for those who are struggling with the multi-part 7-zip archives. You can find the tool on the download page and the archive contains some instructions if you need them. This tool will check the integrity of the packages and will tell you if your packages are damaged or not after the download.

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You must own the Going East DLC as well as the Scandinavia DLC in order for ProMods to work.

I'm into truck simulators for several years now and made some simple mods for "18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin". Besides being a moderator in the forum, I maintain the blog and the social media channels.

0 thoughts on “ProMods 2.01 is now available!

  • christopher anderson says:

    I want to download 2.01 but when it goes to paypal account it is unable to connect, I have never had this problem before as I always pay to help for the content

  • I’ve been away from ETS2 for a long time and the release of ATS re-piqued my interest in trucking again. I tried ATS and it’s nice but it really needs more States added to match the variety and beauty of ETS2 with Promods.

    So I got rid of promods 1.96 and updated to 2.01 and I have to say I am absolutely astounded! For me German roads were the most tedious ever in the vanilla map as they just seemed to be very generic and seriously windy, but now they are AMAZING! And Poland no longer looks dull. Those video advertising hoardings are great :p

    What is even more astounding is that you’ve made the map far far better already…and you’re still not done. I look forward to future updates.

    Congratulations, well done and thank you.

  • Hi

    Just as a question will there ever be such thing as dangerous roads like those in scania truck driving simulator? or some off-road passes through the forest broken bridges or something that would make things a bit more difficult?

      • yeah i know i know i was just wondering because i have seen recently THE HARSH RUSSIAN 1.22 Map for example with some really interesting roads ect however its not worth downloading as it doesnt work with promods rusmap or any of the dlc’s released. which i why i was asking if there is any chance of similar roads in future updates 🙂

  • Hello from Greece.In new here.Just last day i download and try it the maps you create.First of all i must say there are no words to say foryour great work.
    Now in game issue.I create a new profile, and i picked for starting city the santa’s birthday place Rovaniemi.I picked up a job from there to Island but there are not connection route, tells me how i can drive there via gps.
    Is that a known bug coz the maps are not 100% complete, (i can understand that,fresh update 1.23 and ofc you need your time), or you didnt noticed that?
    Sorry for the wall text but i always try to be deatailed.
    Keep up the good work.

  • bonjours j’ai la promod 2.01 mes depuis les nouvelles mises a jours je voit plus mon gps il m’indique plus les trajet de mes missions et quand je desactive promod map la sa refonctionne mes du coups j’ai plus toutes mes villes . ya t’il du monde qui on le meme probleme que moi?

  • abosolutly love the promods maps, has made a great game fantastic, just a shame the new update to ets has made it hard to play, cant wait till 2.02, il just have to sit here biting my nails till its ready!

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