ProMods 2.60 Previews: Poland & Lithuania

Welcome to another ProMods 2.60 Preview! Here you will see the newest development from Poland and Lithuania. In the 2.60 update these two countries will each receive a new city.

First, we’ll talk about Poland. In the following update you will discover the city of Mrągowo. Our developer scan720 worked hard to bring this city and its surroundings into the game. Other than that he has also rebuilt almost 150 km of the DK16 as far as Olsztyn and the new S16. The full Olsztyn ring road might follow in the future.

Mrągowo is a small city in north-eastern Poland, and the capital of Mrągowo County, with a population of 21,302. It is located in the middle of Warmian-Masurian voivodeship and is surrounded by lots of small lakes. The city center is full of beautiful historic buildings and while in the north of the city you will find lots of huge hilly fields, in the south you will find big forests.

Scan720 has some more details:

Mrągowo was no easy city to make, it was a challenge. One of the hardest parts was bringing all relevant things into this small area in-game, due to the scale of 1:19.
Especially the city centre with its layout and buildings made this part of this project time consuming. Other than that, this city has a lot of similarities with the city in real life! I am still very proud of how I did the roundabout and the railway junction. Especially the custom made models from our great modeller flintstone1973 make a big difference here. And I want to thank Dawid2849 for his great Polish signs at the S16 Olsztyn Wschód Interchange. And of course I have not forgotten that the S16 is currently being built from Mrągowo to Olsztyn. But this part will probably open in 2023. So I still have enough time to extend that road.

Mrągowo features the well known polish milk company Mlekpol. We made this company as real as possible in-game with custom prefabs and models.

Between Mrągowo and Olsztyn, there is also one small scenery village: Marcinkowo. This village fits perfectly with its beautiful landscape around it and has that “Polish spirit”.

After visiting Marcinkowo, following the DK16 westwards you’ll finally reach the newly opened S16 til Olsztyn Wschód. Scan720 tried to make this road and landscape as realistic as possible, as you can see in the real-life comparisons.

Now let’s move on to another highlight of the blog – Lithuania. In this version, Tauragė is making a comeback after reconstruction, not to mention additional content that is heading your way.

Tauragė is an important small city in western Lithuania, and the capital of Tauragė County, with a modest population of 21,520. Whilst the city was mentioned in the year 1507, the town privileges were granted only in 1924. Besides its historical value, today it is home to several factories in the city and its home county which you will be able to visit, but also major international highway and nearby border crossing that foster the city’s importance to the country.

Brand-new roads are also making an appearance – the KK141 & KK147 picturesque route that traverses next to the mighty Nemunas river and provides a direct connection to Lithuania’s second largest city, Kaunas, therefore providing more opportunities to avoid driving on the motorway.

A famous junction, named Kryžkalnis, has also come to our attention. It has received drastic changes, such as the Orlen fuel station, and a variety of touch-ups, such as signage, road cracks and dirt to ensure a realistic aesthetic of the area as compared to the real-world.

Driving eastwards, we encounter another major enhancement to the road network of Lithuania – the inclusion of Sitkūnai junction and a missing section of the A8/E67 highway, for a realistic and direct journey via the E67 international highway towards/from Riga. This will ensure that drivers will no longer need to use the KK222, a road of local importance and not suitable for international trucking.

On that note, it is time to end. Thanks for reading this week’s preview, and we’ll see you again for the next one.

I'm into truck simulators for several years now and made some simple mods for "18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin". Besides being a moderator in the forum, I maintain the blog and the social media channels.

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