Compatibility Updates 2.12 and 2.15 Available!

With the recent update of Euro Truck Simulator 2 to 1.26 and the release of “Vive la France !” DLC, we had to release a compatibility update of our map. But we know that many people won’t buy the DLC in the early days, so we have built two ProMods versions:

  • Version 2.12 for ETS2 1.26, with no requirement for “Vive la France” DLC
  • Version 2.15 for ETS2 1.26, but “Vive la France” DLC is a requirement

While version 2.15 features all of SCS’s new map content, including rebuilt Paris, our 2.12 version is simply an updated version of 2.11, which means you should expect the old version of Paris and France.

So you can continue to enjoy ProMods with the current ETS2 version, independently when you plan to get your copy of “Vive la France !” DLC. But keep in mind, that all future versions of ProMods will require all three map DLC – including “Vive la France !”.

Download ProMods 2.15

Download ProMods 2.12 (no France DLC required)

47 Responses to Compatibility Updates 2.12 and 2.15 Available!

  1. svetlio says:

    hi nice maps and mods!

  2. yeelru says:

    its says to me that promods 2.12 is not compatibel with ets2 1.26.3

  3. Red says:

    I have ETS2 with Vive la France. Which Promods do I install?

  4. pawel20x20 says:


    How I can get 2.12 def file ?

    Now there is only way to make 2.15

  5. Mike says:

    Please link for installer promods 2.10 (1.24) !!!

  6. jöns says:

    2.12 I get only empty files

  7. beejay basham says:

    i am have problems with the map the roads are’t in the country they are to one side an i have any help plz

  8. David F. says:

    How long will version 2.12 be available? Will it get deleted when the next update comes out? Thanks.

  9. Mike says:

    Is promods 2.11 compatible with the version of 1.24x???

  10. Niklkanikl says:

    Is the Version 2.15 compatible with the TSM Map?

  11. Jimmy says:

    So if I install 2.15 and I have the France DLC, what do I get exactly when driving in France?

    Is all of the Promods France content replaced with the France DLC content, or is it merged? What about cities that exist in Promods but not in the France DLC and vice versa?

  12. Jens says:

    ich habe 2.15 geladen und so gemacht wie es beschrieben wird,wenn ich in ETS2 die Mods acktivieren will steht inkombitabel und roter punkt,habe nur die einfache karte ohne DLCs

    • Stummer Stummer says:

      Version 2.25 benötigt ETS2 1.26 sowie alle Map-DLC: “Going East!”, “Scandinavia” und “Vive la France !”.

      Bei unserer Version 2.12 wird “Vive la France !” nicht benötigt.

  13. Simon Tennent says:

    Hi, I’ve got ETS2 with dlc for France and Scandinavia. I have downloaded the paid version of 2.15. I have put the Def folder inside mod folder. But it doesn’t show up in mods manager in the game. I bought game on steam & can download mods from steam workshop that show in same folder. I’m running windows 10 64bit

  14. Leroy Bullied says:

    I would be easier to install this in the mod manager if there was a load order list in the text document.

  15. liviu says:

    hello,I have a problem with damage of the truck and cargo on some roads,it damaging with no reason.It’s an issue or something is wrong with my mod ?

  16. Leonardo Pires says:

    Não estou conseguindo baixar a versão sem a França,os arquivos estão corrompidos.Me ajudem?

  17. Leonardo Pires says:

    Here is not working at 1.12. What do I do?

  18. Florycel says:

    I downloaded the archives (the free ones), but they are not opening with WinRar. What can I do?

  19. Leonardo Pires says:

    Já troquei de navegador e nada,poderia reupar os arquivos no mod?

  20. micha says:

    hallo ich bin hier völlig neu wenn ich diese version runterlade oder die europakarte dann habe ich weder italien noch spanien ect drin -.- brauche dringend hilfe….bei mir kommen auch beim download sofort scs datein raus keine archive….winrar aber vorhanden ect

  21. micha says:

    also weder italien noch spanien gar nix

  22. HERVE says: trouve dommage qu’il est retirer la ville Rouen Orleans Tours Caen etc…. et ou est le périphérique de Paris. A par ça tres belle carte.
    ha voir aussi le problème de Calais au niveau de la route ou les voiture disparaisse. et il ya un mure invisible a l’entrepôt on ne peut pas accédait pour metre la remorque a l’emplacement prévu, serait il passible de le rectifier.merci

  23. Mikołaj says:

    Najfajniejsza strona z modami

  24. tino81 says:


    Je viens de télécharger et installer la nouvelle version ETS2 Vive la France V1.26.2.4. Par contre je n’arrive pas à mettre la map promods V2.15.
    Il y a un problème d’incompatibilité.

    Merci pour vos informations

  25. cj says:

    I have scandinavia dlc wich one i download

  26. Philip says:

    please def 2.11,Compatibility link does not work

  27. Dabie says:

    Guys I would like to know what to do with the compatibility patch after i downloaded it

  28. Selmaviktor says:

    hallo when come the update 1.32

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