ProMods: Canada – Progress Update

Today marks six months since our first blog post announcing our ATS project ProMods: Canada, so we figured it’d be the perfect time to update you on what’s been going on for the past six months. 

First of all, we’re happy to announce that the first version of ProMods: Canada will feature at least two additional cities to the original seven that we announced back then, these being Abbotsford and Salmon Arm. Here’s the map with those two cities added:

We’ve also been working hard at building a collection of custom assets for use in Canada. Some of you may have seen that an already well known member of the ETS2/ATS community, Smarty, has recently joined our team where he’s creating a vast number of special models and signs. Some examples of these are found below:

But the custom stuff doesn’t stop at Smarty’s signs; we’ve also been preparing a number of custom company prefabs; these are delivery points that are 100% location unique so you won’t find the same layout anywhere else in the map. Our ETS2 map currently totals over 80 unique delivery points so it only makes sense that we treat Canada in the same way:

The map also wouldn’t be complete without some special Canadian vehicles, so we’ve made sure to cover that as well:

So, a lot of asset talk, but how about some info on how the map’s progressing? You’ll be happy to hear that things are progressing well. For a start, we’ve managed to port the border check functions over from ETS2 and have made progress at the USA/Canada borders:

The cities have also progressed. Make sure to look out for some recognisable brands whilst traveling through them:

The rest of the map has been progressing as you’d expect. Here are some pictures:

So then, a lot’s been going on in the past six months but where does this leave us in terms of map progression? We’ve occasionally mentioned that we have been hoping for a pre-2020 release but unfortunately it’s looking like we might overshoot that target by a little bit. The team working on Canada is small and we want to make sure to bring as much quality as we can, so whilst we could rush to finish everything before 2020 we’re not going to do so.

And finally, a quick note on DLC requirements: As anyone who uses ProMods for ETS2 will know, our current map requires the user to have all the current map DLCs installed. This is so we can use the many useful assets that each one contains and they often integrate with other parts of our map. With Canada we are taking a different approach, We’ll be using as few DLCs as possible.This means we’ll only be requiring DLCs that directly border Canada or have some really useful assets. At current, these will be The Oregon and Washington DLCs, New Mexico won’t be required and we expect the same for Utah when it releases.

So that’s all we’ve got for you today. We’ll continue to post development screenshots on the forum and our social media platforms, so make sure to follow them for the latest ProMods: Canada updates!

I'm into truck simulators for several years now and made some simple mods for "18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin". Besides being a moderator in the forum, I maintain the blog and the social media channels.

0 thoughts on “ProMods: Canada – Progress Update

  • The progress the team made in 6 months is impressive. I am looking forward to the release, evenmore since i been there last summer. I travelled from Calgary to Vancouver in about 2 weeks. Reason to tell this is thaf i shot some dashcam footage during our trip. Besides that i got also a lot of photo’s. So if you are intersted in this type of informatie i would like to contribute.

  • As someone who lives 5 minutes from the Peace Arch border, I have to say it’s odd to see that you’re including CBSA vehicles, which is something you never see around here. Hopefully you’re only going to have them parked at the border? The law enforcement vehicles you’ll most likely see would be RCMP and each cities individual police force, like the Vancouver Police Department and the Abbotsford Police Department, so again, hopefully you don’t have CBSA roaming around acting like law enforcement. Everything else looks great though, and take all the time you need, I would rather wait for a finished product than have something rushed out

  • Would love to test this out myself as well, As fellow Canadian myself, in Airdrie, Alberta, and I remember trans Canada highway. Use to drive from Calgary to Vernon BC every summer to visit my grandparents, But they pass away few years ago. So haven’t been on #1 highway in few years.. Would love see the Canadian rocky again in ATS, such beautiful drive and scary at same time lol. Been playing a lot ATS lately and just upgrade my gaming pc (not that really needed too lol) but upgrade to Ryzen 2700x W/x470 Motherboard, 16 GB Ram and some RGB fans lol. Also got Logitech g29 steering wheel and thustmaster Th8a gearshift just for ATS. Hope you bring this mod to ATS 🙂 Wish SCS would make Canada map or maybe they should hire your group/team lol 🙂

    Also note, I was actual beta tester, Server admin and former Moderator/Tech help guy for a small steam indie dev team. (Beast of Bermuda) I only step down because of health issues and was in middle of moving at the time. Never rejoined because got busy with RL.. Though they did ask me come back. . You’ll see my post (pinned) for PC requirements on steam forms in General.. from SireDragonChester.

  • Please make sure that Ottawa is in Ontario and not in Quebec. Tje border is mostly the Ottawa river not the Rideau or the 416 hughway. like most ats maps , have it located.

  • Extremely excited to see the finished product. I live in western Canada and have spent a lot of time in all of These city’s.

    Thank you for making this mod possible and looks fantastic so far

  • As a British Columbian, this mod is looking amazing. I’m curious if medium-to-large cities such as Chilliwack and Surrey will be included as well? Also the mountains here are very, very tall, especially towards the coast and Eastern Kootenays

  • this is absolutely amazing! i live in bc and my dad is a trucker who has been driving these roads my entire life and is so far detached from the video game world. it would absolutely blow his mind to play this. definitely going to be keeping tabs on this project!

  • By God, how long it takes you to get a map! ‍♂️. Eblem Torres already brought Sierra Nevada with thousands of kilometers of streets and highways very well detailed and you are not able to get out, not even a thousand kilometers are capable of delivering us

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