ProMods Canada: A New Country Has Arrived

It took us a few years, but finally we are here. ProMods’ first official mod for American Truck Simulator, ProMods Canada, has been released. After working hard for the past two years we are proud to present our hard work for everyone to enjoy.

In this first version, players can enjoy the roads of British Columbia. With thirteen new cities and several new roads, we have made a solid start in a project with huge potential for growth. Varying from highways to country roads, villages to cities, and coastlines to mountains, this mod already demonstrates how much Canada’s westernmost province has to offer you.

And not only you, by yourself. No, ProMods Canada has been supported from the first minute on the ATS servers from our dear friends, TruckersMP. We have seen many people explore these new roads, together with their friends. It has even caused queues at the borders, like in real life!

So what is next? Are we done with ATS? Of course not! As with our ETS2 project, we will keep working on the mod. We still have many ideas and plans for the future. Our goal is to keep expanding Canada, towards both the north and the east. If you are interested in these developments, make sure you follow our socials and join the discussion on our forum.

We, the ProMods team, hope you will enjoy our newest creation!

ProMods Canada 1.0 Trailer Skin Pack

Being able to release our first ATS mod is a big milestone for us. So to that end, and just like with ProMods 2.5 for ETS2, our add-on developer tkk7406 has made more trailer skins featuring various locations from our version of Canada. Each trailer length features a unique combination of screenshots, and there is a skin available for all box and tank trailers in-game, so now you can also add a taste of ProMods Canada to your fleet!

Seeing how successful the ProMods 2.5 trailers were, this time we pushed the boat out and collaborated with even more of our promotion partners. As you may have seen from the recent Canada streams and videos, tkk7406 worked with Fox On The Box and Wombat Trucker as well as Clumsy and Squirrel to create dedicated trailer skins for each promoter and their fans to use.

You’ll be able to find all the trailer skins in the Steam Workshop, including the main skin pack, as well as Fox On The Box’s skin, Wombat Trucker’s skin, Clumsy’s skin, and Squirrel’s skin. So don’t miss the chance to spice up your trailers with some celebratory ProMods Canada skins!

I'm into truck simulators for several years now and made some simple mods for "18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin". Besides being a moderator in the forum, I maintain the blog and the social media channels.

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