British Columbia Interior

Now that we have shown our biggest city, it’s time to talk about the rest of the map. The British Columbia Interior is generally defined to include the 14 regional districts that do not have coastline along the Pacific Ocean or Salish Sea, AND are not part of the Lower Mainland. In the first version we do not have all 14 of these regional districts (yet). What we do have, however, are breathtaking sceneries:

In the BC interior you will find “bigger” cities like Kamloops, Kelowna and Vernon and “smaller” cities like Princeton and Salmon Arm. Big freeways and small windy single lane roads. Even though the first version doesn’t contain more than 13 cities, it does provide a big variation of roads, cities and scenery. 

Also as a nice last surprise, we will reveal here the current ingame map of the mod. So this will be the content that will appear in version 1!

As with the previous blog post, this is all work in progress and anything shown is subject to change. 

My name is Nico, 18 years old from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I've been mapping since the end of 2011 and started ProMods back in December 2012. My knowledge reaches from mapping to texturing and modelling. The sky is the limit for me. Right now I'm doing an IT education so, I will be stuck behind a PC for the rest of my life!

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  • Hi guys, how are you? We are the Texas Chrome Virtual Store Team. we are interested in being able to test your canada map. we are a virtual company with physical location in texas with a team of 8 people.

    We would like to test our public model the kenworth w900 2016 texas chrome. without more for the moment we leave our YouTube channel.

    No problem we are willing to donate $ but we cannot find the Paypal link to do so.


  • Jason w Barill says:

    Hello I live on Vancouver island in Nanaimo will you be putting a ferry system in and coming over to the island by ferry from Vancouver

  • Jeffrey Comier says:


    Shuswap Road, Kamloops, BC, Canada is currently getting lots of fame on Discovery Channel because of the new docu-series called Mud Mountain Haulers premiering 2 weeks ago. It is about the LeBeau Brothers Logging Ltd.

    Actual dangerous challenging routes to their 1 or 2 logging sites. Drivers would be rewarded with seeing the Lebeau site sign.

    I have been in contact with Craig Lebeau. He seems that he would be open to allow us to have his company on the ProMods map. Once you have forwarded this to the developer who is in charge with new ideas and implementations, I will seek permission from Craig so the development can begin.

    I will be willing to volunteer to assist in drawing the routes to the logging sites based from Google Earth.

    I hope to receive a reply in my inbox from a developer.

  • Myron benjamin says:

    Yall should add Prince Rupert to Prince George and add vanderhoof, smithers, fraser lake and houston on the way, idk if you guys think of developing it more. but over all the map is pretty sick

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