Introducing ProMods Classic

As our 10th anniversary year draws to a close, we’ve got one last treat in store. ProMods Classic marks the nostalgic return of all our best old & lost content from over the years, all updated to work on the latest version for ETS2!

What is ProMods Classic?
ProMods Classic is a map add-on for ProMods Europe that brings a host of ProMods content that has been updated or replaced as SCS has expanded and reworked the ETS2 map. From complex German cities, pre-Iberia DLC Spain or our old Italy expansion, to our very first version of Scandinavia all the way back from 2013, there’s a whole host of areas waiting to be explored once again.

All the re-introduced areas have been painstakingly updated to ETS2 v1.49 one game version at a time thanks to developers scan720 and Dawid2849 with help from others along the way.

How to install ProMods Classic
ProMods Classic is an addon for the ProMods Europe map, however it is not loaded the same way as our other addons for ETS2.

Downloading and extracting the ProMods Classic files follows the same procedure as ProMods Europe, minus the need to generate a definitions file. See our tutorial for more information on this.

Once the ProMods Classic files are in your mod folder, it’s time to activate them in game. When activating the mods, the following load order should be used:

Whilst ProMods Classic can be activated on an existing profile running PM:Europe, we recommend that a new profile is used due to the significant changes on the map.

What DLCs does it require?
ProMods Classic has the same DLC dependencies as ProMods Europe, see the compatibility page.

Can it be used on TruckersMP?
There is currently. no compatibility planned with TruckersMP. However it can be used in Convoy Mode.

I've played SCS games from the very first 18 Wheels of Steel release in the 90's, and founded ProMods together with Nico as I was disappointed with the size of the European map upon release of ETS2. Although I don't do so much mapping apart from placing signs, I'm a specialist in road signs & license plates and run all the administrative operations for ProMods (coding of our websites, development tools, management etc.). I also try to set the goal posts for future expansions of ProMods and keep everybody in the team aligned.

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