ProMods 2.55 Now With Iberia DLC Support

ProMods 2.55 has released meaning you can now drive with the Iberia DLC. At this moment, no ProMods work has been merged in yet, you can read more about that below. It’s also possible to play 2.55 without Iberia; although you will lose ProMods Spain, 2.55 also brings many bug fixes and improvements.

What’s happening to ProMods Spain and Andorra?

The plan is to return as much of ProMods Spain as possible aside from old and dated areas such as Barcelona. Currently the highest priority is bringing back Andorra, where work has already begun connecting it to the new DLC content. After the merge is completed we hope to start improving and expanding the DLC.
Currently there are no pictures to share, so stay tuned for future updates!

ProMods Iberia DLC Prefab AI Fix

In the meantime, MandelSoft has put together a fix to improve AI behaviour on some of the prefabs in the Iberia DLC. Have you noticed problems with the AI taking weird paths, for example when approaching toll stations? Download the fix here! Eventually this will be integrated into the main ProMods map, but for now it is an independent fix which should work with or without the ProMods map.

That’s it, we’ll make sure to keep you updated on our Discord server, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook page with some exciting development updates. Happy trucking!