Scandinavia DLC Teaser

The trailer for SCS’s DLC looks amazing. However this DLC will prove to be one of the biggest headaches here at ProMods.

We already saw alot of the DLC’s development over the last months and had access to it for some time as well. Still we can’t yet start on adding it to ProMods, as SCS will keep changing alot of things in the course of their beta testing. Every build can have numerous fixes in the map, signs etc etc. So we need to wait for SCS to release the DLC before we can even start with adding it to ProMods. And that is not even the start…

… Because we, as ProMods, have been updating our Scandinavia constantly. Some of our parts are very old and starting to get outdated (Norway for example). Other parts are fresh and new (Stockholm and Jutland). So we now need to decide what we want to keep. We weren’t overly impressed with SCS Denmark, so that is an area we could keep from the ProMods map. However, in Denmark, there are still cities which are very outdated because the majority were build in ProMods 1.0, back at the start of 2013!

Stockholm will be a huge headache as well. Our city is a lot truer to life than the SCS counterpart, but their Scania factory is a lot better than ours. And then there’s the matter of the Scania test track.

All these decisions and having to wait to make them, will only ensure ProMods won’t be updated soon after the release of the Going North DLC. Our users will have to be patient. They either going to have to play ProMods on an older version of the game, without the DLC, or they can start exploring the DLC without ProMods and wait for us to release our improvements.

As always we can’t predict a timeframe/release date. It will be ready when it’s ready, but we estimate 2 – 6 months to get our map adjusted to the DLC.

My name is Nico, 18 years old from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands. I've been mapping since the end of 2011 and started ProMods back in December 2012. My knowledge reaches from mapping to texturing and modelling. The sky is the limit for me. Right now I'm doing an IT education so, I will be stuck behind a PC for the rest of my life!

0 thoughts on “Scandinavia DLC Teaser

  • Filipescu Eugen says:

    The scndinavi DLC leaves me unimpressed, they think that they can make EVREYTHING Better, sill they can’t. IMO I will no buy it, untill promods must have this. Hopefully SCS will have a hard crash and loose all theri work. I hat it.

    • Elias Peteri says:

      I see you’ve joined the ‘modern pacifists’, meaning if you don’t like it, no one else shouldn’t either.

  • Its far from being released yet, how can you know how it will be ? Also we should respect and thank SCS for this game and continuous updates from them.
    Im sure Promods will make the best out of both teams work. And I guess Going North will be a must have if you’ll want to continue to play the newest promods versions ?

  • Im sure the long wait will be worth it (theres still lots to explore in current version), Im going to buy the North DLC only when promods will be compatible with it, probably it will get some nice discounts on steam too by that time.

    Also, I guess the next promods update will be huge then, knowing that more people are now working on different projects at promods

  • Personally, I would really like you to put up polls on areas you are unsure of whether or not to change.

    You have to remember people are PAYING for this DLC content, we really should have some say in what we would rather see stay and go.

    Let’s take the Scania test track as an example, if it’s not in the DLC then I really don’t care about it in Promods either. It’s been there for a while now and in all that time I have only even been there once, and that was just to “find” the roads etc. To me it is unnecessary fluff.

    When it comes to Stockholm, I think you need to favour the SCS version. Maybe remove it for the time being and slowly build it back up using SCS new components along with some of the accuracy of your current version.

    One thing you need to really keep in mind though, as gamers we like to see accuracy are realism, but fun is more important. Huge cities that cause severe frame rate issues even on good PCs aren’t favoured over slightly smaller versions with less PC demand.

    Which ever way you go, I trust Promods will look amazing as it always has. But do remember, we are paying for the DLC and we would like to see it in there too.

    • Yeah that is a good idea. I will put the idea up with the team.

      We can have multiple polls about what to edit etc once everyone has access to the DLC.

  • You should keep it as it is, and instead update, and expand your mod. Because it’s better than the SCS maps. Personally, I’m going to keep using promod, and won’t buy Scandinavia DLC. If you choose to adapt it to the DLC, please have a version for us who do not want the DLC.

    Keep up the good work, and please focus on yourself, and not what SCS are doing.

    • The problem is that the DLC will offer content we waited very long for.

      Finally we can build proper scandinavian scenery and cities. Our goal is to complete Scandinavia from Norway to Sweden to Finland.

      Also parallel development of version with/without the DLC is not going to work out.

      Same counts for Going East. That is why we have been talking with Poland Rebuilding about a merge so we can have more development to the east.

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