ProMods 2.50 Previews: Southern Balkans

As promised, we’re back already with the second part of our Balkans preview, this time looking at the new content in southern Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Albania. The latter two countries are new to ProMods, and join the first two in showcasing the beautiful scenery of this region.

Last time we saw the changes in Croatia’s northernmost cities, while today we start in its south. From the existing city of Ploče, you can now head in two new directions. The first is towards Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where you can see the famous Stari Most (Old Bridge).

The second direction is further down the Adriatic coast, crossing the Neretva river and passing through the Opuzen area, before briefly crossing into Bosnia and Herzegovina and the scenery town of Neum, the country’s only coastal settlement.

After crossing back into Croatia, we reach the popular tourist destination of Dubrovnik, with panoramic views of the city.

The new content continues beyond Dubrovnik to the far south of Croatia, and on into Montenegro. The road is no motorway, passing straight through many pretty towns—several of which are represented in-game—while a ferry is necessary to cross the beautiful Bay of Kotor.

Finally, we reach the end of the road (for now): the seaport of Bar. With its stunning surroundings, it is a worthy destination following one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the mod. 


We are also glad to also have new content in Albania after a dead-end connection for years. While the connection got a visual upgrade, the city of Elbasan has been added. Developer FisherJB has some things to say about it:

“Everyone who starts mapping need to start somewhere. After some other projects to learn the editor I finally thought it would be a good idea to expand the ProMods map with my own add-on. I decided to work in Albania and do something with the dead-end connection. Looking up streetview on that road showed me lots of mountains and a fairly big city called Elbasan. I had never made such mountains and never made such a big city. I learned a lot during the process and eventually was invited to join the ProMods team. After everything was finished I decided to improve some old parts, because over time you learn new and better tricks about mapping, which make the experience for the player even better. I hope you will all enjoy this addition to Albania, with more to come in the future :)”

As you can see, there is much quality and beauty coming to the Balkans. However, Bar and Elbasan are both dead-ends as of ProMods 2.50 and you might wonder why they are not connected. Rest assured, making this connection is a priority, but it would have taken far too much time for 2.50, since it requires making the Albanian capital, Tirana, and a lot of mountainous landscapes. Therefore, we cannot promise when new content in Albania will be ready.

With that said, our preview of the Balkans in ProMods 2.50 is over. With just a couple of previews left and 2.50 almost ready for release, we’ll be back soon.

ProMods 2.50 Previews: Hungary and Northern Balkans

We hope you’ve been enjoying the ProMods 2.50 video content from our promotion partners. If you’ve not seen any yet, you can find links on our social media pages. But right now, it’s time for another blog preview. This time we’re looking at Hungary, before moving on to the first of a two-part preview of the Balkans.


Following new cities and rebuilt roads in the northwest and east of the country in previous versions, 2.50 focuses on western Hungary, including the border with Austria, the city of Szombathely, and the town of Sümeg with its hilltop castle. As well as the view of Sümeg Castle, Hungary developer Eryman highlights the scenery towns of Pápa, Sárvár and Veszprém to look for while driving through the new areas.

In addition, the ring road around the capital city of Budapest, the M0 motorway, has been reskinned.

Northern Balkans

There is so much new and improved content coming to the Balkans in 2.50 that we can’t cover it all in one blog post, so we’ve split it into a northern and southern part.

We’ll start with the brand new Istrian peninsula. Istria lies mostly in Croatia, but also includes Slovenia’s short coastline and a tiny part of Italy. The two largest cities on the peninsula are functional in-game: Pula (Croatia) with its Roman amphitheatre, and Koper (Slovenia), the country’s largest coastal city. They are linked to each other and neighbouring regions by roads featuring beautiful views.

While our expansions into the Balkans began in earnest with version 2.20 (2017), Slovenia was originally added back in 2015 with version 1.90. It may have been top-notch content back then, but five years will leave even the best mapping looking badly dated as techniques, assets and standards progress. Therefore, the entirety of Slovenia has seen some sort of upgrade in 2.50, ranging from reskins/refreshes to complete rebuilds. Prolific Balkans developer SeptianPJ has done a stunning job – you’d be forgiven for thinking that everything in Slovenia was 100% new content. 

Scenes which have been in ProMods for so many years, such as the bridges of Maribor, the border with Austria through the Karawanken tunnel (and its distinctive border buildings), and the bridges and tunnels through the mountains can now be enjoyed at today’s quality standards.

The Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, is one of the regions rebuilt from scratch.

Efforts to improve the Balkans extend beyond Slovenia: the Croatian capital of Zagreb has also been rebuilt, while the Italian city of Trieste has been given a new breath of life thanks to a reskin.

As we said earlier, this is only the northern half of what is coming to the Balkans. Look out for the Southern Balkans preview in a few days. 

In the meantime, our official video trailer for 2.50 was released yesterday (Saturday, 15th August), condensing the highlights of these previews and more into two exciting minutes, and hopefully getting you even more hyped. If you haven’t seen it already, make sure to watch it on our YouTube channel.