ProMods 2.50 Previews: Georgia

Welcome to the final ProMods 2.50 preview. We’re ending with Georgia, a brand new country which didn’t really fit in any of the other previews. While that wraps up the new content in the main ProMods map, we will then outline updates to the Middle-East Add-on Pack, before reviewing all the regions we’ve covered so you have a chance to catch up.


Georgia is a country situated on the foothills of the Caucasus mountains, which are the crossroads between Europe and Asia, with the Black Sea to the west. Compared to its immediate neighbours, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Georgia enjoys a generally warmer climate on the coast which sustains crops and vegetation, such as wine and palm trees. It is traversed by numerous mountain ranges, forests and rivers which define the landscape and beauty of this country.

In this first rendition of the Caucasus, part of the Georgian coast has been added with the coastal cities of Batumi and Poti, significant for the freight and tourism sectors. Batumi is the country’s second-largest city and one of the main destinations for local and foreign tourism, in addition to its freight shipping importance. The border crossing to Turkey is nearby, and stimulates the economy of the area and the country as whole.

Poti is a smaller port city compared to Batumi, but it facilitates a shipyard and freight-oriented facilities, with significant ferry connections to the countries of Bulgaria and Ukraine, which see a large quantity of freight traffic and passenger vehicles coming through the port. As in the real world, Poti (and the rest of Georgia) is reached in-game by a ferry from Varna, Bulgaria.

Georgia may seem like a strange addition, being so far removed from any other development. Indeed, the rest of the team was quite surprised when developer Platypus announced he was going to work on Georgia. However, he has long held an interest in the region, and wanted a break from working on the Middle-East Add-on Pack. Since the ferry connection to Georgia is in Bulgaria, not the Middle East, it makes more sense to include it in the main ProMods map. 

Middle East

Compared to the main map, version 2.50 of the Middle-East Add-on Pack is not a major content update. That being said, there are a few additions and changes which one of the Middle East developers, Horizon, has summarised below. Further information and screenshots can be found by following the links to the development topic on our forum.

Damascus-Iraq road

After the successful release of the new countries of Iraq and Syria, we (Platypus and Horizon) realised that a single corridor is no longer enough, considering many players prefer a few different routes between different content. Therefore, we came to the conclusion of providing another route between the cities of Ar-Rutbah and Damascus.

The co-operation involved building a lonely highway through the Syrian desert to the border crossing, whilst the Iraqi section of the route has involved building up the roads that lead to the border crossing.

For more information and screenshots, visit the development forum topic.

Other changes

Platypus has decided to implement changes in Beirut to honour the victims of the tragic recent explosion in the Lebanese capital. He has also added specifically-designed adverts to Israel, and made improvements to various ports.


And with that, the ProMods 2.50 previews are complete. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading them and found them useful or interesting—with the more in-depth format and higher frequency of posts, they are a new concept for our blog, so your feedback is welcome.

Since starting with Spain 8 weeks ago, we’ve published 11 previews (including this one). In case you missed some, or just want to revisit the areas you’re looking forward to the most, here are the links to each:

If you made it to the end, for the final time: thanks for reading. While the 2.50 previews may be over, we plan to keep the blog on the more active side, so follow us on social media to keep up to date.