ProMods 2.60 Previews: Germany

It’s been a little while since our last development update, but the team has been quite busy finalising content for 2.60 and fixing bugs to prepare for this significant release. While we still have some way to go, we are getting closer to a final release every day!

Many of you will have seen that SCS recently released patch 1.43 for Euro Truck Simulator 2. ProMods 2.57 is not compatible with ETS2 v1.43. As 2.60 is nearing the final stages of testing, we have decided the next release of ProMods Europe will be 2.60.

Anyway, let’s get into the blog, focused on Germany. ProMods 2.60 will rebuild two very important cities in Germany, Frankfurt and Kiel, along with significant improvements to the surroundings of Uelzen.

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt is a bustling city that sits in the heart of Europe, and it is one that many drivers pass both in real life and in game. Frankfurt contains the meeting point of two very important Autobahns, the BAB3 and the BAB5. Along with this sits Germany’s largest and most iconic airport: Frankfurt Airport. We first rebuilt Frankfurt six years ago back in 2015. It had become aged and was desperate for a complete rebuild. Plum decided to start the project, but also received help from realdeal350, MandelSoft, flintstone1973, DaStrobel, scan720, Dawid and Omicron. It really was a team effort.

Plum talks a bit more about the project:

“Frankfurt was no easy city to rebuild, in such a crowded Germany it was very difficult to represent so much in such a small area, I am very pleased with the results. It really was a team effort in making the city though, realdeal350 helped lay down the basic layout so we could consider what could and couldn’t be included in the small space we had. We had to plan very carefully on what could be included, to make it all blend together realistically in-game. While we had models which had been made for Frankfurt in the past, these had also become dated so it was time for new ones. With many hours poured in, flintstone1973 recreated The Squaire – which is one of the most iconic buildings along the BAB3 – in addition with several other new models. Frankfurt Airport along with the river Main bridge crossing were by far the most challenging areas to map, with the scenery being so complex, yet I am very happy with the end product. But no mapping is complete without signs, scan720, Dawid and Omicron brought some brilliant navigation signs to Frankfurt being the perfect touch. I hope you enjoy Frankfurt as much as we enjoyed making it!”


Kiel is a large port city on the flat north coast of Germany. The city has been substantially rebuilt by PaZz, who is not one of our developers but kindly gave us permission to integrate their work. The city is now far more extensive and detailed than before, featuring busy city streets as well as tight urban interchanges. Also included is a new ferry terminal, bringing direct ferries to Göteborg and Oslo, bypassing Denmark. When driving around the city, you will see many old buildings as well as cycle lanes criss-crossing the city streets.


The small central German town has also seen a rebuild by Leo2612, updating the road layout to be more realistic, as well as improving the rural region around it to make it feel ever more like North Germany.

Anyway, that is it for this blog, thanks for reading this one, we’ll be back soon with another one!

ProMods 2.50 Previews: Germany

Welcome back! This week’s preview focuses on Germany, but there’s a little bonus from a neighbouring country as well, so read on to the end.

We’ll start off with Munich, the capital city of Bavaria and Germany’s third largest city. Of course, Munich is already rebuilt from scratch in ProMods since version 2.0, but standards and assets have improved since then, and it was starting to show its age. So, while the road layout could be kept, curves have been smoothed, assets replaced and textures updated to the latest standards. In particular, the newer vegetation, prefabs and signs make a big difference.

But not only the city got an update. The surrounding land has been rebuilt in a similar way.

The Munich upgrade has been the main project of ProMods mapping recruit scan720 for the last few months. Thankfully he was able to finish it in time to make it into 2.50, proving himself as an excellent developer in the process. With that, we welcome him as our newest fully-fledged developer!

It’s not just rebuilds coming to Bavaria in 2.50. The new city of Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony, is finally ready for release. FH-Fahrer started work on the city two years ago, but the finishing touches were only recently applied following work by Noah_Lukas and Nico. The best part of the city, according to FH-Fahrer, is the Lidl in the city center, where you can experience a typical East German neighbourhood with a 30 Zone, parked cars and a tight company.

Finally, we promised some extra content from a neighbouring country. There’s not enough to warrant its own blog post, but Belgium has a small addition in the form of the E42/E40 interchange, restoring the northern connection into Luxembourg. This has been missing in ProMods, so getting to Luxembourg from the north will no longer require a detour. For now we made a quick connection to the vanilla network, but there is scope for a rebuild reaching into Luxembourg itself in the future which has been overdue so far.

Despite being a fairly minor addition, this is a nice example of ProMods teamwork: it was started by founder/admin ScuL, but realdeal350, Noah_Lukas and our busy new developer scan720 all contributed.

That’s it for this week, but we’re just getting started showcasing the fantastic work coming in ProMods 2.50. Stay tuned!

Compatibility Updates for ETS2 1.35 Released

Less than a month ago SCS released the new Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.35 update. Considering our final testing phase takes 2~3 weeks we have managed to push this large update out in record breaking time.

It wasn’t easy to get ProMods 2.4 converted for this new version; taking a lot of time and practically all our resources. Not only did we have to update many models to be able to support DirectX 11, and some of our road elements to support the new voice navigation feature… We also had to merge in the new parts of the SCS Germany rework and since some of these areas were already rebuilt in ProMods, we had to merge various bits and pieces from our work into the work from the SCS developers.

However, we think that we have struck a good balance between SCS and ProMods mapping. For example, Nuremberg is still present as a ProMods city, with the highway system upgraded to the standard from the SCS team. And not only did we do merging work, but we also upgraded many assets along the way, such as in Ukraine. This is only the start of what is to come in this area.

There were many bugs arising from the newly implemented feature of voice navigation, so we fixed our prefabs so that the player is given the correct instructions. Unfortunately, there are a small number of issues which we were unable to resolve – at least for now. So the same rule applies for voice navigation as in real life: “Don’t trust the satnav blindly!”

With this conversion and merge behind us, we can now fully focus our resources on creating ProMods 2.5, and, of course, on our other project, ProMods Canada.

The support for DirectX 11 in Euro Truck Simulator 2 also made compatibility updates of our add-ons Trailer & Company Pack and Cabin Accessories Pack necessary. Both updates are available for download now.