Compatibility Update for ETS2 1.25

The changes in the latest game update to Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.25 require a compatibility update of ProMods. We’re proud to provide you ProMods 2.11 only a few days after the release of the game update:

Download Current Version

ProMods 2.11 is just a compatibility update for ETS2 1.25 and contains no new areas. In addition to the bugfixes included in this version, we enhanced the licence plates for some countries:

License Plates - Russia License Plates - Belarus

20 Responses to Compatibility Update for ETS2 1.25

  1. JOGGER95 says:

    I installed the 2.11 promods but my game crashes after pronouncing

  2. DanyHunter says:

    Toulouse-Barcelona its block

  3. Dom says:

    Mine keeps saying that the first archive is corrupt when i download it

  4. ToleinZ says:

    Не соединяется Турция с RusMap 1.6.3 все нормально

  5. ToleinZ says:

    С какими картами совместим ProMods 2.11

  6. Super Fahrer says:

    The Planes and fronts from the Trailers are white Not with DHL or etc. What is the Problem?

  7. DanyHunter says:

    Sweden is broke,Spain Broke!! I want to know what goes into Promods???

  8. bogdanel says:

    my game crashes i want to do job or spawn garage or going to berlin or copehagen error

  9. bogdanel says:

    i want to fix that

  10. Life Decoded says:

    I will not work for me without crashing on load. I have followed the tutorial you have posted, but it will not work. I tried running it at the current game version, temporary version 1.25, beta 1.25 & version 1.24 but none will work. Seems like either the mod is broke or I don’t have the required game version. Little help here?

  11. Kim says:

    i have ets .125 and peomods 2.11 it had work but suddenly my game freez when i load up the game.

    And im sure its the promods that do this becaouse i have mad new only with promods and it still do it

    and a profil whitout promods only and the game is fine

    Anyone else with that problem and whats the fix.

  12. DanyHunter says:

    Sa im bag pula in promods..o mare porcarie!!!

  13. enes says:

    kardeş 1.22 de çalışırmı

  14. Sergey says:

    Pro mods V.2.11 Вылетает на рабочий стол при въезде в Калининградскую область через Российский пограничный пост. Еще вылетает при подьезде к Мурманску, а точнее при подъезде к арочному мосту перед въездом в город. Пробовал на грузовиках компаний, затем на купленном Volvo FH, та же проблема(

    • Учитель русского языка says:

      Последний фикс поставь – там профиксили эту проблему

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