ProMods: Canada – One Year on

Today marks one year since we officially announced ProMods Canada, so it seems like the perfect time to give an update on our progress. We’ve also got some exciting news to share, so make sure to read the whole way through!

After a quiet period during which most developers’ attentions were on getting the ETS2 map updated to version 2.45, the last few weeks have seen a dramatic increase in progress being made on our Canada. To show some of this off we’ve prepared a small teaser video and some screenshots.

An Unexpected Expansion

People following our ETS2 development may know ajungrei93 as being the main developer in the Barents Sea region, creating the stunning scenery on the north coast of Norway. What people might not know is that he also has his own ATS mapping project, a section of British Columbia.

His project had started way back in 2018, before we ever considered building Canada. Unfortunately ajungrei93 is not very active on our team chat which is why we weren’t fully aware of his efforts in the area and never included his work in our plans. As it turns out, his work is coincidentally very close to our work. In fact it’s that close that we can connect it to the rest of the map relatively easily.

So, a few weeks ago we integrated ajungrei93’s work into our map and found ourselves in the unique situation of suddenly having a brand new, unplanned and almost completely finished section of the map. However, this poses a new challenge of how we are going to go about releasing it. There are a few options that we could take but we’ll go into those issues in a bit.

For now, take a look at some of the stunning scenes created by ajungrei93, soon to be included in ProMods Canada!

So what does this mean for us?

The finished sections of ajungrei93’s map consists primarily of the BC-99 between Cache Creek and Pemberton, which means there are three roads that can connect it to the existing ProMods Canada map.

These are:

  • The TCH-1 between Cache Creek and Kamloops
  • The BC-9, TCH-1 and BC-12 between Merritt and Lillooet
  • The BC-99 between Pemberton and Vancouver 

In the image below we have highlighted the different scenarios that we could take in integrating his work with ours:

While we would love to include all of these new roads in our first release, it would take a lot of extra work and push out the release date even further. We need to find the right balance between time and quantity, we may decide to only include parts of these new areas, and continue with the rest afterwards. Still, these plans are continuously evolving, and we are always open to feedback. Nonetheless, please continue keeping an eye out on our forum topic and social media to make sure you are up to date with everything Canada!

I'm into truck simulators for several years now and made some simple mods for "18 Wheels of Steel - Haulin". Besides being a moderator in the forum, I maintain the blog and the social media channels.

0 thoughts on “ProMods: Canada – One Year on

  • If the Canada expansion is going to take too long to allow for the expansion of the extra detail, then maybe you should release what you already have and allow for the mapping team to include the extra content in an update a little further down the line.

    I always know you guys work in real life and aim for quality over quantity, so if this is going to unnecessarily delay any release, then plan for a future update to ensure you don’t overstretch yourselves.

    This is a great surprise, but don’t push too hard, it’s not worth it and the dedicated Community will wait a few more months.

  • DwarfChieftain says:

    I agree with the others – option A is definitely the right one. It’s always nice to drive somewhere new, even if it’s not a very large portion of the map. That way maybe the creators can take some stress from their workload and have more time to finish the connections.

  • lonestranger says:

    Another vote for Option A first, then Option D further in the future. Or, if a three-release approach of A, C, D wouldn’t add to the workload compared to A, D that’d be awesome. Then again, I live in Kamloops so I’m biased towards having myself and friends drive my area as soon as possible.

    Option D would be a spectacular drive. I’ve driven in many different parts of B.C. and BC 99 between Vancouver and Cache Creek is one of the most beautiful and fun drives I’ve done.

  • I’d also go with D. I don’t mind waiting if you think that option D is the best option for the first release but I’ll be happy with either one tbh.

  • Its been too long, the project is losing momentum. Do A, then D. With Corona some people arent even going to be alive when D would drop…

  • NinjaSquirrel_97 says:

    I prefer option A: When version 1 is ready, release what you were originally planning on releasing. Then you can release the additional content when you feel it’s ready. Option D would be nice but in my opinion it’s not worth it if it pushes back the release date an extended period of time or sacrifices quality.

  • Jesus, I’ve never seen people so slow working on SCS mapping mods. At this rate you will be ready for my grandchildren to play it

  • POWE®FULL™ says:

    I have one question, will trains from the United States go to Canada in your mod, or did you come up with some kind of solution to make trains from Canadian companies?

  • farouthuman26 says:

    I think you guys should go for Option A, then add the rest of the content later, especially if your going to have more stress with any other options. And also everyone gets to try out Canada earlier!

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